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310 shake provides a unique path that users targeting to lose weight on the long-term can use. The food replacement shake manufacturer aimed at making products that surpass other replacement shakes in ingredients, effectiveness, and affordability. They achieved this by reducing fillers and not using any chemical additive that can compromise the user’s health. To 310 Shake Manufacturer, the focus is giving users a food replacement shake that provides whole bodily health without compromising their lives.

Ingredients and nutrition of 310 Shakes

  • Proteins and carbs: 310 Shake is loaded with 90 calories/serving that is equal to the closest competitors such as Ideal Shape and Iselin. However, the main difference between 310 Shakes with others in the market is that all the calories do not come from fat.
    In every scoop, about 15 grams come from protein while 8 grams are carbohydrates. This is a very high level of proteins which contributes greatly to helping a user keep total calories as low as possible to cut weight and stay healthier. A single scoop also contains;
    5mg of Cholesterol
    125mg of Sodium
    25 mg of Potassium.
  • Vitamins and minerals: 310 Shakes is made with over 16 Vitamins and essential minerals including the following;
    Vitamin A that helps to promote healthy skin and eyesight
    Vitamin B that assists muscle functionalities and nerve cells
    Vitamin C that helps to improve the immune system
    Calcium that promotes better nerve communication and stronger bones
    Other minerals and vitamins include; Niacin, Folate, Phosphorus, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, and Biotin among others.

310 shake review

310 Shakes Tri-Prex proteins

310 Shakes uses a Tri-Plex action model protein to bring out hunger suppression and weight cutting impact. A closer look at this Tri-Approach reveals a resolute effort to help people cut weight and sustain it at the best levels.

  • Whey protein: Every Packet of 310 Shake contains whey protein isolate that has been proven to work fast in the body. It also contains milk protein concentrate which is a slow release protein in helping to sustain body cells contents and build muscles, heal faster, and keep the body healthier. The last component is whey protein concentrate that serves as the host for various amino acids. This creates the platform for most proteins to operate optimally whether during the formation of new cells or other activities of body systems.
  • Fibersol: This is a prebiotic soluble fiber that helps to block signals of hunger from the body. The effect of this is that you will not feel hungry after using the food shake, and the body will start using stored fat so that you can cut on weight naturally.
  • Pea protein: This counters the production of ghrelin so that the food you ate can be used without feeling the urge to go for more. You can, therefore, rest assured that there will be no craving for common snacks or fast foods that you are used to.

When all of these proteins are put together, the body is kept active for up to about 4 hours after every serving. Notably, the 310 Shake stands out because all the proteins are easily absorbed so that you do not suffer from indigestion that characterizes high protein diets.

310 Shake tastes and flavors

310 Shake is available in 4 flavors including Mocha, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. While these flavors used to be among the favorite in the market for a long time, everything went south a year ago when the company decided to make the shakes healthier. This involved cutting down on sugars that used to sweeten the flavors and increasing the healthy vitamins and proteins.

Today, many people indicate that most 310 Shakes have a characteristic metallic taste. This is because of additional proteins and vitamins that not only target helping you cut appetite but keep the entire body in top condition. To address this, you can consider blending 310 Shake with fruits such as passion or pawpaw. You can also include vegetables, almond oil, or coconut milk. Remember to observe the nutrient balance of the additions so that the 310 Shake can deliver the anticipated results.

310 Shake Price

The price of 310 Shake is $68 for every bag with 28 servings. This translates to about $2.42/serving which is on the upper end. While other shakes may cost even more, the average cost should be about $1.5/serving. The cost may go up if you buy from commercial stores that add shipping costs.

When you buy from the manufacturer or top online stores such as Amazon, the manufacturer guarantees you of unconditional refund if you do not get anticipated results. This is a great commitment because they refund you the money even if you had consumed the entire pack. The only cost they deduct is the shipping charges.

310 Shake Disadvantages

While 310 Shake no doubt demonstrates its effectiveness to help people cut weight, maintain ideal shape, and stay healthy, it presents a few cons that could water down the benefits.

  • It has a very nasty taste that makes many people opt away. While it is an ideal method of staying away from harmful sugars, there are useful unsaturated options that the manufacturer could consider. Even when users use fruits to counter the metallic taste, it does not go away completely.
  • The meal replacement shake is very pricey compared to others in the market. Though the manufacturer has gone to great lengths in ensuring that proteins are optimized, the cost is still very high especially when a user compounds it on a long term basis.


310 Shake is among the top meal replacement shakes in the market because of careful selection of proteins that help to suppress appetite to keep you feeling full for up to four hours. Besides, it includes other very useful vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen user’s body immunity. However, its taste risks making it unpopular because many people want to get tasty shakes that they can enjoy without compromising the objective of losing weight.