Almased Multi Protein Powder Shake Review

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The question about the best way to lose weight replays in many people’s minds regularly as the crisis of obesity and overweight keep intensifying. However, you will be surprised to realize that it is rather easy; cutting on calories intake and burning fat. Today, many products have been designed to help you keep burning fat even without doing a lot of exercises. Remember that this does not mean excluding exercises in your life!

Almased multi protein powder is a natural meal replacement shake manufactured using natural ingredients. It is marketed as a shake to help users cut weight, improve body performance and enhance the immunity. This is a broad review of the shake to establish its ingredients and effectiveness in helping you block hunger, cut weight, and maintaining better bodily health.

Almased multi protein ingredients and nutrition

All the ingredients used in the Almased multi protein powder shake are natural to ensure that more people can use it without side effects. In every serving, you get a total of a total of 180 calories which is a good figure for people with average energy requirements like common office jobs.


About 54% of the calories per serving in this shake come from natural proteins. In total, you will get 27 grams of proteins per serving which among the highest in the current meal replacement shakes. The protein in the shake comes from soy and milk which are among the top sources in most shakes. Soy protein has major amino-acid chains that help to strengthen cell contents and promote faster repair after a workout and during ordinary works.

Milk protein in this shake is partially processed to ensure that the calories are released slowly to keep you feeling satisfied for more hours. Milk proteins are also very helpful in promoting cells functioning so that active transport of water, nutrients, and even wastes in the body is enhanced.


In every serving, this shake provides a total of 0.5 grams of fibers. For a meal replacement shake, this quantity is too low to significantly slow down hunger in the shake. Almased could have done better by raising the shake to the reach the level of other top shakes or even more. For example, Nutriiveda has 7 grams while Quicktrim contains 5 grams of fibers.


Every serving of Almased multi protein powder contains a total of 15 grams of sugar. This is on the higher side especially for people who target no-sugar shakes to help cutting on weight. High sugar content does not help with cutting weight. It raises the blood sugar fast and encourages conversion into fast leading to the addition of more pounds. For people targeting low sugar shakes, it might be time to start shopping for a different shake.

Vitamins and minerals

The shake contains about 30% of several vitamins and minerals that go a long way to help strengthening the body’s immunity. These vitamins include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Riboflavin, Calcium, and iron. However, the amount falls short of reaching 35% of all the vitamins required by the body. To meet this body requirement, users have to include additional sources of vitamins such as fruits and vegetables.

Almased multi protein powder hunger blockers

To block hunger, Almased multi protein powder uses high protein content and fibers that help slow down the release of calories into the blood. Though the amount of proteins is very high, the fiber content is too low making the shake to only suppress appetite for three hours. If the fiber content could be raised to about 10 grams, the shake could suppress hunger for up to 5 hours.

Almased multi protein powder flavors

People who use the shake express their satisfaction because of natural sweeteners and herbs. With high sugar content (15 grams), the lovely taste especially the chocolate and vanilla brands can be understood.

Almased multi protein powder prices

The price of Almased multi protein powder varies depending on where you are buying. At Amazon, the cost is $53.60 for two packets translating to about $2.8/serving. However, this price can come down further if you find and utilize their marketing agents.

Almased multi protein powder pros

  • The shake has high proteins that help to slow down the release of calories and allow users to block hunger for up to 3 hours.
  • The Almased multi protein powder shake does not contain artificial sugars, fillers, additives, or flavoring.
  • This shake focuses on whole body health by including healthy proteins and useful vitamins that promote body’s immunity.
  • Though the available tastes are few, users are free to add their favorite beverages such as apple juices, pineapple juices or milk to get preferred tastes.
  • The shake is very easy to prepare even for those with a very short time for breakfast or lunch. Simply pour into a glass of water, milk, or favorite juice and stir to drink.

Almased multi protein powder cons

  • Though the shake is effective in blocking hunger, there is a risk of adding on weight because of high sugar content.
  • By including soy protein, the shake wades into controversy because the ingredient is associated with brain issues, thyroid problems, and complications in pregnant women.
  • The price of the shake is very high and many people indicate they are unable to sustain it especially on a long term basis. Though the shake is still not as costly as other top shakes in the market, the manufacturer should have considered bringing it down closer to the ideal rate of $1.5/shake.


Almased multi protein powder is a great shake made with carefully selected ingredients to help people shed off excess pounds and strengthen the immunity. However, the amount of sugar used in the shake is very high risking compromising any effort to cut on weight. Besides, it has soy proteins that have been drawing a lot of controversy and some stores banning it from their shelves. Even though the shake has natural ingredients and blocks hunger for many hours, it is very important to compare it with others that have no sugar and do not have controversial proteins.