Best Blenders for Smoothies

When I first bought a blender, the desire was to make best smoothies similar to those served in top rated hotels. The journey in search of a perfect blender made me sample a wide range of blenders; from the cheap models to the more expensive ones. Though any blender out there will make you a smoothie, I fell in love with the top brands because they are fast and every smoothie is extra fine and unmatched.

Adding a top rated blender for smoothies to your kitchen can be priceless. Well, what else you can do with it is entirely for you imagine. The blender will be a companion for preparing peanut butter, crushed herbs, ice cream, sauces and protein powders.

It is time to get full thrill of making your nutrient rich glass of smoothie and enjoy it fresh from any of the following top 20 blenders. Their budgets vary so that you can choose what perfectly fits your needs.

Top 20 Best Blenders for Smoothies

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)

ninja master prep

This blender has won the name, blender of all times because of its effectiveness in making great smoothies within a very short time. I bought the blender after finding a smoothie in a favorite restaurant irresistible. For people who want to make a lot of smoothies, this will be a perfect addition to the kitchen.

  • Designed with quad blade technology for enhanced cutting and ice crushing.
  • The large pitcher, easy to pour spout and no slip bottom makes the blender easy to use when preparing and serving smoothies.
  • The clear design, master prep bowls, and easy to open top allow the user to see the machine grinding even tough ingredients.
  • It is easy to disassemble splash guards on the jug, choppers and no-slip base for storage in cabinets where space is a limitation.

Think it is a perfect piece for your kitchen? Read more about it, other users’ views and buy one here.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

magic bullet nutribullet

This is one of the top brands of blender that you can get out there. It is a unique piece designed to deliver highest smoothie quality for a person of style. Everybody who buys this blender comes back with a story of extra satisfaction, attachment, and appreciation. Well, whatever the ingredients of your smoothie are, this is one priceless piece that you do not want to miss in the kitchen.

  • High torque power base (600 watts) to drive high-speed blades to crush even the toughest nuts and roots.
  • Cyclonic action extractor blades, milling blade and emulsifying blades to help to prepare smoothies, peanut butter, ice-cream and, and sauces.
  • A pocket size nutritional recipe on the blender has rich content to help with making the best smoothies even when away from home.
  • Easy to dismantle parts (power base, blades, re-sealable lids, and jug) makes it easy to clean in a dishwasher, maintain a high level of cleanliness, and fit in limited spaces.

If you love getting the best cocktail or smoothies prepared and served in style, this is one priceless piece you cannot afford to miss. Check what others are saying about it and buy one here.

Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

hamilton beach 58148a

When I first thought of buying a blender, my motivation was getting something that was simple, yet effective. Hamilton Beach 58148A did not disappoint. Though it cannot rival other top brands such as the Magic Bullet NutriBullet, I cherish every moment of it because of ease of use, being kids friendly, and top results.

  • It is manufactured with 12 different functions that help to vary smoothies’ texture and style depending on your lifestyle.
  • The wave action blending style helps to create a downward motion so that all the fruits and nuts can be crushed into even pieces.
  • Its unique no mess sprout and hinged top make it easy to check the progress of blending and even add more ingredients.
  • The separate power base and easy to remove pitcher makes it easy for the blender to fit even in small cabinets for storage.

Would you like to try this affordable, tested, and proven blender for great smoothies every day? Read more about the blender here and buy for your home.

Vremi Professional Kitchen Blender for Smoothies

vremi professional kitchen blender

What is your definition of a perfect blender for smoothies? For me, it is this blender. It is an invaluable piece because it brings a new sense of style to the kitchen and the smoothies are always perfect. Though pricey, I revere the piece every day and would not hesitate to recommend it to you.

  • It is equipped with heavy blades run by massive 1400 watts rotor that make it easy to break down even the toughest fruits and nuts into a fine smoothie.
  • The high-speed blades are made of stainless steel that makes it easy to clean and maintain in top condition.
  • The pitcher is very large and well-marked to help in following nutritional recipes.
  • It features different buttons to prepare smoothies and ice crushing among other functions which make it very easy to use.

To enjoy this stylish blender and make appetizing smoothies every day, check it here to learn and buy one.

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

When Oster made this affordable blender, a solution for the modern working and busy man had been found. Though I had several other blenders, I could not resist this piece because of its ease to prepare my favorite smoothie on the go. Go ahead and try it and your story will be pretty the same.

  • Quick one touch blending gives you a full sports bottle of favorite smoothie to take to work or training.
  • A powerful 250 watts rotor makes the blender fast to complete the blending session in second.
  • An inbuilt resettable fuse makes it easy to keep the blender in top condition at all times to extend its lifespan and value for money.
  • Lovely travel sports bottle made with BPA-Free plastic will make you travel in style with your favorite cocktail.

This blender is revolutionary in design and performance. Check here to read reviews from other users and buy one to make working, traveling, and training fun with your favorite smoothie.

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender

hamilton beach 51101ba

When I first acquired this blender, I did not anticipate getting the immense value it has delivered over time. The blender allows you to save on space, money and is designed with multiple functionalities to prepare smoothies, salad dressings, peanut butter, and every frozen drink you can think of.

  • A 175 watts energy efficient rotor is very fast to crash ingredients and make your smoothie fast.
  • 14-oz pitcher helps in blending the ingredients.
  • The blades are constructed using stainless steel for higher efficiency and durability.
  • A one-touch button operation makes the blender easy to use when making smoothies.

How do you like this simple yet highly effective blender? Check more details and reviews about the blender and buy one here.

Ninja Professional Blender 1000 (BL610)

ninja professional blender 1000

While I rarely hide my preference for the Magic Bullet NutriBullet, this option is a serious rival. It develops so much power and is built with special technology to enhance extra safety. Many people love it because it is intelligent and blades will only spin if the lid is fitted properly. If you have not bought the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 (BL610), think about it again.

  • 1000 watts motor that develops the immense power to crush even the toughest fruits for your smoothie.
  • The safety feature prevents the blades from rotating until the lid is secured to avoid an accident.
  • A marked pitcher that fits well on the power base to stabilize it for preparing the right smoothie quantity.
  • The total crushing technology utilizes stainless steel blades to turn whole fruits and tough vegetable into your favorite smoothie.

When you get this blender into your kitchen, you will appreciate its immense value. Buy it here and contribute your views about the experience.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

oster pro 1200 blender

People who have used this blender express their satisfaction because of its versatility to crush virtually everything. My experience with it was no different. As a person who loves trying different recipes, I found the blender highly versatile because I could blend greens, frozen items, and even the toughest fruits. Besides, the silver power base with a stainless pitcher sparkles so much in the kitchen.

  • The smart blending technology comes with 7 speeds that allow the user to vary fineness of every cocktail or smoothie.
  • Dual direction blade technology crushes the ingredients faster while drawing them downwards for an even smoothie within seconds.
  • The 1200 watts motor develops the immense power that crushes even the toughest roots.
  • An extra-large capacity smoothie cup allows you to carry the entire beverage you need safely without worrying of spillovers.

While this smoothie blender’s cost is on the higher end, its value to your kitchen will be immeasurable. Check on more info here to buy one and share with other users about its thrill.

VonShef 4 in 1 Multifunctional 1.5L Blender, 1L Smoothie Maker, Juicer, Grinder & Cups Silver

vonshef 4 in 1 multifunctional blender

This is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that helps with most of the activities. Despite the added functionalities, it is medium priced, and users express satisfaction with ultimate value for money.

  • Diverse stainless blades and food pusher help to make the blender effective in crushing nuts, vegetables, and roots depending on the level of fineness.
  • The blender’s pulse function senses when more power is needed and also shuts off automatically in case of overload to prevent overheating that can damage the appliance.

Why stick to just one type of smoothie when you can get a blender to prepare a great diversity? Purchase the VonShef 4 in 1 Multifunctional Blender here to enjoy the best smoothies, juices, peanut butter, and much more.

Conair Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt 1 Quart Portable Blender/Chopper System

cuisinart cpb 300 bpa-free sleek

This is a slim average priced smoothie blender that will crush your favorite recipe and pack it inside the traveling cup.

  • Compact portable chipping system driven by a 350 watts motor makes it easy to crush vegetables, fruits, roots, and nuts in seconds.
  • A single button operation with LED light and special plastic containers makes it easy to use, clean, and store.
  • Heavy duty power base made with stainless steel gives the blender extra stability while safety interlock guarantees safety when using the device.

Want to view other people’s comments and also leave a review? Buy the blender here and follow their feedbacks.

Vitamix TurboBlend 2 Speed Blender with Wet Container, Dry Grains Container, and 2 Cookbooks

vitamix turboblend blender

This blender has emerged as a great challenge to other top blender models in the market. Despite its high price, the blender is faster, more effective, and delivers better smoothies.

  • It is made with a special dry grain container for making fresh flours for mixing butter, or stimulating baking dough.
  • Powerful 2-peak motors that drive the blades to a speed of up to 240 mph that can grind even the hardest grains and nuts.
  • The two cookbooks are comprehensive and easy to follow when preparing your smoothies.

Buy this blender here to enjoy expanded functionalities to other areas such as grinding grains making flour or herbs for storage.

Hamilton Beach 52147H Dual Wave Versatile Blender, Silver

hamilton beach 52147h

This blender takes the view of smoothies, sense of style, and value to a whole new level. I bought the blender because it could fill a traveling cup and the pitcher simultaneously to deliver higher quantities of smoothies for more people.

  • The 1000 watts peak power doubles the common blender’s output capacity using dual blades.
  • By having two motors, it means that you can prepare two different smoothies for guests with varying preference.

If you are used to the single motor blender, buy this one here to enjoy its uniqueness and value addition to the kitchen.

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

ninja professional blender bl660

I recommend this blender to people with families or commercial use because its strength allows you to make higher quality smoothie faster for all members. People who have used the blender demonstrate unique attachment because of efficiency and style.

  • 1100 watts power drives a single-serve to generate optimal power to crush nuts and tough roots for the best smoothies.
  • Total Crushing technology helps to optimize power from the rotors for faster crushing and fine smoothies.
  • The power base, pitcher, blades, and top are easy to dismember for cleaning in a dishwasher and maintenance.

If you want to enjoy making more smoothies and cocktails to serve the family, friends, or a commercial eatery, consider buying this blender here for greater money value.

Blendtec DD28PA05A-A1GP1D00 Designer Series WildSide Blender Jar, Cream

blendtec dd28pa05a-a1gp1d00 designer series wildside blender

For people who need to prepare very large quantities of smoothies at any one moment, this blender is the best because it has the highest capacity. Though it is one of the most expensive blenders, the quality of smoothies is very high compared to the standard home models.

  • As a commercial blender, it has a high capacity of 1,560-watt power generated through 3-peak direct motors.
  • The LCD slide controls make it easy for the user to select the signature blend cycles depending on the client’s requirements.
  • The housing is shaped uniquely to optimize air flow for faster blending and longer lasting smoothies.
  • A metallic power base is used to give the blender extra stability especially when the rotors are crushing ingredients.

If the current blender is very small for your rising smoothies demand, consider buying this unique piece. Check here to get more information and share your feedback with past users.

Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-Ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker

margaritaville dm0500 bahamas

This blender shaves the ice to make cold and tasty smoothies and cocktails. Its design targeted creating a unique piece that users could rely on to prepare the finest smoothies.

  • It is fitted with a 450 watts blender that processes up to 36 ounces.
  • The dual motor helps to shave the ice as well as blending your favorite beverages.
  • If you want customized drinks, the blender has a manual option for selecting the rotor speed and smoothie fineness.
  • To help users in preparing top smoothies, the blender is sold with recipes.

I use this blender every weekend to make smoothies and they are always delicious. You can also celebrate the blender by gathering more info and buying one here.

Oster Versa 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender

oster versa 1400-watt professional performance blender

This is one of the highly effective blenders that compares to other great options such as Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) in design and quality of output. Many people express their satisfaction particularly because of smoothies’ high quality.

  • High power output rotors (1400 watts) that can crush even very hard grains and nuts.
  • Stainless steel blades that spin at very high rates to make yummy smoothies.
  • Programmed settings to help the user get the best of smoothies, soup, or spreads.

Want to enjoy this guaranteed quality? You can get more information about Oster Versa and purchase one here.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

breville bbl605xl hemisphere control blender

This blender is asserting itself as an authority in the market today because of quality output.

  • Special bowl and blade system that draws all ingredients down for blending to make an even smoothie.
  • Five-speed gears and a stabilizer to guarantee the user of smoothie consistency.
  • Easy to use controls with illuminated LCD commands.

This is a great option if you want to make smoothies because the settings are automated. Follow Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender to get more insights from the manufacturer and buy one here.

Waring Pro MX1000R Professional 3.5-Horsepower Blender, Black

waring pro mx1000r blender

This blender is considered elite because of its design, quality, reliability, and cost. Except or the high cost, its design, efficiency, and quality of output are at par with Magic Bullet NutriBullet. Just like the manufacturer wanted, the blender is very efficient and has very high capacity for smoothies output.

  • 3.5-grade optimum-horsepower motor that can blend soups, smoothies, and even shave ice.
  • The heavy metallic bottom helps to stabilize the blender because it is relatively tall (19 inches high).
  • 2-speed options and a pulse button to make blending smooth and highly effective.

Because every part of this blender is made from top quality materials, you are assured of the best value for money. Buy one here and read from the manufacturer to understand how to get extra value from the blender.

Omega BL630W 3-HP Variable Speed Blender, 64-Ounce, White

omega bl630w 3 hp blender

This blender is designed to help with automating the process of making smoothies guarantee a user of the best quality. Though I had initially hesitated to buy this blender because of cost, it has become my favorite device in the kitchen.

  • It has a 3 horsepower motor which is strong enough to crush even the hardest nuts and even grains.
  • The controls are automated so that you only set the timer and function while the machine does the rest on its own.
  • The container is made of tritan copolyster that is very hard to prevent breakages and extend the blender lifespan.
  • The auto-shut system senses when there is a dangerous overload and turns off the machine to prevent damage.

This is among the best-performing blenders in the market that will greatly enhance the kitchen value and guarantee you best smoothies for better health. To get more about the blender, follow and buy one from here.

Back To Basics Blender Express

back to basics blender express

When my new neighbor told me he wanted a cheap and simple but effective blender to make smoothies everyday fort kids, this was my first suggestion. The manufacturer went to great length in making a valuable piece that every user can afford and enjoy quality service for a long time.

  • It is fitted with a relatively powerful 350 watts motor to slice ice and blend your smoothies as fast as possible.
  • It has very strong blades and insulated pitcher for easy blending or ice chopping.
  • The blender is sold with a 1-year warranty which is a demonstration of extra commitment to value.

If you are searching for a standard blender with an affordable price, this is one great option to consider. Check for additional information and buy one here.