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The doterra trim is a meal replacement shake with a great potential to help you stop craving and enjoy the weight management process. However, the recent move to slash all contents by half has left experts wondering how exactly the shake will work. While the reality about cutting weight is keeping calories intake low, doterra trim serving does not reach a full meal.

Therefore, to enjoy the benefits that DoTerra Trim (manufacturer) advertises, there is no doubt that you will need to double the serving or take it alongside other meals. However, this may translate to higher prices in comparison to other meal replacement shakes.

Doterra trim ingredients

A closer look at doterra trim reveals that this shake comprises of great ingredients that remain the main selling point for the meal shake.

  • Whey protein isolate: This is a type of processed whey protein with all fat and lactose cleared so that it is over 90% protein. By increasing this isolate, the user is sure of having the right supply of lean protein that is ideal for building and preserving lean muscles and better body circulation.
  • EssentraTrim: This is one of the strongest selling points for doterra trim because it helps to manage cortisol, the stress hormone. Besides, the hormone is also associated with conversion and storage of fat. By taking doterra trim, the process of carbs conversion is slowed so that you have more energy to work or disposed of as waste. This is an enthralling method of managing weight because you can lower calories intake and discourage the body from converting calories to fat.
  • Fibersol-2: This is a special digestive resistant maltodextrin with a lot of benefits to the body. As a soluble fiber, Fibersol-2 helps to maintain good blood sugar levels. With regular intake of doterra trim, you are sure of timely insulin release and staying free from diabetes and other related conditions like hypertension.
  • Citrus fiber and sunflower extract: These help to provide enough fiber into the body to help keep your digestive system in top shape. The fibers help to keep the wall of the gut functional, promote the right bacteria growth, and encourage faster nutrients absorption.

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Doterra trim Hunger Blockers

One area that DoTera Trim perfected is in the selection of hunger blockers. The hunger blockers are EssentraTrim and Solathin that are extracted from potato proteins and ashwaganda plant and make you feel satisfied for a longer period. With the shake, you are sure of feeling full for about 2 hours to 3 hours.

Doterra trim nutritional information

A single serving of doterra trim is inadequate and cannot keep the body supplied with requisite energy the entire day. Here is what you get in every serving;

20 grams of proteins
6.5 grams of fiber
66 calories

These are approximately half of what you require to feel full for session of about 5 hours or till the next meal. To keep the body energized, other competitors have double the quantities of protein, fiber, and calories. This is a great undoing because many clients keep complaining that they are feeling very hungry and have to take snacks before the next meals.

The big question about fat in DoTerra Trim

Because doterra trim 15 calories come from fat, let’s do some calculations and answer the question; is doterra trim a low fat food shake?
Calories from fat/total calories X 100
15/66 X 100 =23%.
This means that in every single doterra trim serving, 23% comes from fat. When this is compared with the FDA classification that any product can only be considered low-fat if less than 5% come from fat per serving; the truth is doterra trim does not qualify in the first place. Because of this, any user may want to rethink the objective of using doterra trim.

Doterra trim Taste

Doterra trim taste is really great. Many people like it because it does not have characteristic metallic feeling in the mouth. Though, a good number of people expressed its thrill after adding some spices such as fruits or yoghurt. It is however prudent to keep focus on the calories level when adding these spices to enjoy the benefits of the food shake. In the market today, the chocolate and vanilla flavors have become very popular. To enjoy even more, consider adding coconut milk or almond milk.

Doterra trim Price

The price of doterra trim is $4/tube that is equivalent to 20 servings. This translates to about $2.15/serving which makes doterra trim to be relatively pricey when compared to others. The problem is that you might be required to use two servings and, therefore, doubling the cost to reach the level of other top competitors. Though any meal replacement shake that surpasses $2.0 per serving is considered pricey, users still indicated they enjoyed the taste.


Doterra trim came out to be a great product that targets helping users find it easy to cut weight by blocking hunger and preventing craving. Its taste was also enthralling and users enjoyed more because they could blend it with fruits of choice and still enjoy the benefits. However, the food shake had very many shortcomings that could make many clients shift to other brands.
A good food shake replacement should create an equivalent of total calories for a single meal serving. This was not the case especially after everything was cut by half.

  • The user is left with no option but to take double serving or take with other foods in order to reach the levels of other competitors. If the user takes the shake with other foods, it might become difficult to control the calories intake.
  • The hunger-blocking effect of doterra trim only lasted for a few hours and users developed a strong craving.
  • The overall cost of doterra trim is higher compared to other competitors.
  • Doterra trim has only a few flavors, chocolate, and vanilla. This leaves out other users with different flavor preferences.
  • With a high percentage of calories coming from fat, there is a risk of not realizing the dream of cutting down your weight.

When you set out looking for a good food replacement shake and think of doterra trim, consider taking some moment comparing with other best meal replacement shakes in the market for assurance of results and higher value for money.