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Meal replacement shakes have become a preference for many people because of their high nutritional value, the capability to replace meals, and keeping the body feeling full for longer hours. However, the fast rising number of shakes has left some people unsure of what to pick to blocking hunger and manage weight. This is a comprehensive review of Ensure Complete, one of the top meal replacement shakes in the market today. Ensure Complete is marketed as a protein shake that provides users with a complete balanced diet, boosts immunity, and blocks hunger.

Ingredients and nutritional information

When it comes to losing weight or maintaining it at a healthy level, everything comes down to the calories you take and burn. For a meal replacement shake to assist you to cut weight, it should facilitate reduction of calories intake and promote the burning of stored fat. Ensure Complete supply 350 calories per serving which are way too high for people who are looking forward to cutting down on weight. Indeed, even most foods that people prepare at home are around 400 calories per serving. Therefore, this might not be an ideal shake for people looking to maintain a healthy weight or cutting others.

  • Carbs and sugars: In every serving, Ensure Complete further supplies the body with 52 grams of carbs and 22 grams of sugar. This is indeed more than many people would require doing common tasks. It means that the unused carbs and sugar will be turned into fat; a fact that will result in possible addition weight. Ensure Complete is, can, therefore, be classified as a less competitive meal replacement shake compared to others that only have very low sugar content.
  • Proteins: Ensure Complete supply 13 grams of proteins/serving which is okay and within the range of other top meal replacement shakes. The proteins are designed to help with muscle building and cells regeneration.
  • Omega-3: Omega-3 in Ensure Complete is a special ingredient that targets helping users to strengthen their immune systems, strengthen brain cells, and prevent heart complications. It also helps to promote a better environment in the digestive tract for good bacteria and clearing of toxins from the body for a healthier you.
  • Fiber: Ensure Complete contains 3 grams of dietary fiber for helping with gut health, better digestion, and blocking hunger.

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To make Ensure Complete more effective in helping the whole body, it contains over 24 vitamins and minerals that support better hormonal development, strengthens the immune system, and promotes faster generation of red blood cells. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Calcium, Folic Acid, Copper, and magnesium among others.

Ensure complete flavor

Ensure Complete has a wide range of flavors that every user can pick what suits him/her at any time. It comes in milk chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, vanilla, and coffee latte. Because of very high levels of sugar, every flavor was very tasty. They were also creamier and looked smoother compared to other shakes in the top category. For those who might want a different flavor such as cinnamon or apple, you only need to add appropriate quantities. However, keep the calories as low as possible to support the meal shake’s wok on blocking hunger.

Ensure Complete Hunger Blockers

To help block hunger, Ensure Complete uses fibers, proteins, and chromium to suppress appetite hormones. However, the process is greatly jeopardized by the fact that only 3 grams of dietary fibers are available per serving. Because of this, you cannot anticipate blocking hunger for a very long time. The manufacturer could have increased the fiber content to ensure that appetite hormones are suppressed for a longer period.

Ensure Complete Price

The price of Ensure complete is $41.99/package of 16 bottles that translate to about $2.63.serving. This is still on the higher side because the ideal price per serving is considered $1.5-$2.0. However, many people still liked this meal replacement shake and cited the enthralling sugary taste. Most of them usually read through the ads and rarely dig deeper into the ingredients and nutritional info.

Ensure Complete pros

  • It helps to strengthen the body’s immune system with diverse proteins and Omega-3.
  • Using Ensure Complete helps to promote gut health so that you can enjoy better nutrients absorption and fewer or no digestive related problems.
  • Helps to promote stronger bones and muscles with the supply of Vitamin D and calcium among other minerals.
  • It helps to suppress hunger for some time which could be ideal for people who work for a shorter period. A good example is a person on a 1-hour fitness training session in a gym.

Ensure Complete cons

  • Though Ensure Complete is marketed as a meal replacement shake, the calories supply per serving are too many. Many people end up having surplus and turning it to fat.
  • The cost of Ensure Complete is relatively high and could be out of reach for many people. Though it still lower compared to others that even hit $4.0/serving, many people find it a tall order especially when from a monthly or annual viewpoint.
  • Though Ensure Complete is a hunger blocking meal replacement shake and weight cutting product, users are not sure of results. Omega-3 and 3 grams of fibers can only keep users satisfied for a very short time. Users should expect to get hungry within a very short moment; about 1 hour.
  • Conclusion

    As indicated at the beginning of this review, the main target of any meal replacement shake is helping users to block hunger and stay for more hours without rushing for regular snacks.

    Therefore, this meal replacement shake fell short of this and created a pool of many calories that most users will rarely exhaust. This together with processed sugar and carbs spikes the blood glucose and provoke release high levels of insulin. The impact is clearing of all calories, conversion into fat and immediate sense of hunger. The meal can only work well for people who do very heavily menial tasks that demand high supply of calories.

    From the above review, people looking for a meal replacement shake that can assist them block hunger for more hours and cut weight should consider seeking a better alternative with higher fiber content and lower calories supply.