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The baseline to cutting weight is very simple; take fewer calories and burn more. This focus has become the goal for many new meal replacement shake manufacturers because many people want extra focus on health, results, and value for money. It is because of this that the new Evolv Shake has taken the market by storm because no one gets hold of it and looks back. The meal replacement shake has won praise in many categories and it is headed to become one of the top meal replacement shakes on the market. Here is a comprehensive review that demystifies this protein replacement shake to help you make the right decision based on ingredients, hunger blockers, flavors, and price.

Ingredients and diet

Every serving of Evolv Shake provides 130 calories which is a perfect figure for a meal replacement shake. These are enough to supply an average person with all the energy required to complete daily tasks and encourage the body to utilize stored fats. However, if you are doing a menial task or workout, the calories might be too low and an additional serving required after a short while.

  • Proteins: Every scoop of Evolve shake contains 12 grams of proteins. The manufacturer has identified all the controversial proteins especially soy and stayed away from them. This has made Evolv Shake to stand tall among other top meal replacement shakes. The main proteins used in the shake include:
    • Whey proteins: Whey protein helps in the formation of body cells contents and building of stronger muscles. It also supplies different amino acid chains to enable cells operate optimally and heal faster after workouts or injury. As a slow release protein, it will help you to feel full for longer.
    • Pea protein: Pea protein is used in this shake because it is a slow release protein and, therefore, a perfect ingredient to counter the release of ghrelin. As a natural ingredient, it does not have any side effects to the user.
  • Sugar and fats: In every scoop, you will get 1 gram of sugar which is okay for a low sugar shake. Though some people might want to see 0% sugar, this quantity is okay and in fact below what many shakes in the market contain.
  • Fibers: The meal replacement shake contains 5 grams of natural dietary fibers that help to slow down the release of calories and keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Though the shake could have done better with a higher fiber content, 5 grams is significant and similar to what other top shakes are offering in the market.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Every serving of Evolve Shake contains 35% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Calcium, Folic Acid, Phosphorous, and magnesium, among others.
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    Appetite suppressants

    To keep you feeling full for more hours, the shake contains high quantity of proteins (whey and pea) that work together with fibers to slow down the release of nutrients. To guarantee you of blocking hunger for an even longer time, Evolv Shake also contains Mod Carb hunger suppressant. The appetite suppressant is made from a combination of grains and amino acids that help block hunger hormones to help you keep feeling full until the next meal.

    Flavors and tastes

    Evolv Shake taste is great with 1 gram of sugar and natural sweeteners. Because of its balance of proteins and vitamins, the shake has a lovely outlook and does not leave a metallic or chalky taste in the mouth. However, it is important to mix well with water or other non-milk beverages for a smooth taste. Though the chocolate flavor is the most appealing in the market today, the vanilla taste is equally enthralling.

    Evolv Shake price

    A packet of Evolv Shake that contains 14 scoops goes for $42 which translates to $3/shake. This is indeed pricey because it is double the amount considered ideal for a meal replacement shake. However, the price is still better than other meal replacement shakes such as Shakeology that goes for $4.33/serving. However, buyers appear to be contented with the price indicating that they would rather pay more for a higher quality shake that guarantees results and better health.

    Evolv Shake Advantages

    • Evolv Shake uses natural ingredients that make it more effective. Because of this, it does not have any side effects and can be used on a daily basis.
    • The meal shake uses natural sweeteners that are released slowly without causing blood sugar spikes or risking insulin resistance.
    • By carefully selecting proteins that blend well with fibers and adding a hunger blocker, you are sure of feeling full for more hours.
    • Because of careful protein selection, high fiber content and an additional appetite suppressant, users are sure cutting weight faster and enjoying better health.
    • In every serving, you are sure of getting 35% of recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamins and minerals that are very crucial for stronger immunity and whole body health.

    Evolve Shake Cons

    The formulation of Evolve Shake appears to have factored what clients want and stayed away from ingredients that risk users’ lives. The main con of using the shake is its high cost. At $3/shake, the product is very pricey. However, this is still affordable considering that it does not contain harmful fillers and the proteins selected are among the best.

    The amount of fat used in the shake is relatively high. At 4 grams per serving, it means that 35% of all the calories are from fat. For those looking for shakes with lower fat content, you might consider looking for different options such as Nutriiveda.


    Evolv Shake is manufactured with a target of balancing ingredients and price while guaranteeing users of top results. Because all the ingredients are natural and harmful contents such as soy and natural sweeteners avoided excluded, this product is among the best in the market. Well, even with the two minor disadvantages, the shake remains highly competitive among others in the top category. Do not hesitate to try if cutting weight and staying healthy are your goals.