Garden of life raw fit review

How long have you been trying to shed off that extra weight or every time you cut weight, it keeps rising after sometime? What you need is a carefully thought about shake with top ingredients to help the body burn weight as fast as possible. Raw fit has come out as one of the best shakes in the market today because of its ingredients and ability to block hunger for more hours.
Raw Fit Shake is a high protein meal replacement shake manufactured by Garden of Life. The company has cut a name in the market of organic non-GMO products. Unlike other shake manufacturers, Garden of Life goes an extra mile to have its products certified by USDA so that users can have the assurance of better results and health.
The following is a comprehensive review of Raw Fit to establish its effectiveness and help you arrive at the decision whether it is the ultimate shake for your situation.
Ingredients and nutrition
In every serving of Garden of life raw fit, you get a total of 170 calories which is an ideal number for most people in standard jobs. Because a regular meal provides about 450-600 calories, this shakes helps you to cut the amount with about 75%. This might be all that you need to cut on weight and maintain it at the right health.
Proteins: Every scoop of Garden of life raw fit provides a total of 28 grams. This is indeed among the highest amount in the top meal replacement shakes. With high proteins, you are sure of supplying appropriate amino acids to the body for cells growth and strengthening all body systems. One more thing about the shake is that all the proteins are extracted from plants to help you keep off the daily product and controversial soy.
The main protein used in the shake is organic plant based rice protein that has numerous benefits to the body. The protein is very rich in important amino acid chains that form part of the cell content and help with faster recovery after a workout or long day at work. The protein also supplies additional amino acids that the body cannot synthesize so that your immune system, cardiac, and brain operate optimally.
Fibers: The shake provides 4 grams of fibers in every serving which is a good amount especially when working with high protein content to block hunger.
Sugar: In the recent past, the truth about sugar has become a reality to many people. If you take a high amount of sugar, the result is fast absorption and conversion to fat resulting to an addition of several pounds in no time. To address this problem, every serving of Garden of life raw fit a user gets less than 1 gram which is among the lowest among the top shakes. For example, AdvoCare has 12 grams, Nutriiveda contains 6 grams, while Isagenix Iisalean has 11 grams of sugar.
Vitamins and minerals: To make the shake more useful in helping the body, Garden of Life included useful vitamins that help to keep the immune system stronger. Among the Vitamins supplied by the shake include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, chromium, magnesium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.
Prebiotics and plant enzymes: To help with whole bodily health, Garden of life raw fit shake supplies important prebiotics and plant enzymes that help optimize glands operations. Among the top prebiotics and enzymes in the shake include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Prohydrolase, Xylanase, Protease, hemicellulose, and Bifidobacterium among others. You can, therefore, expect your gut to perform optimally, digest food well, and reduce chances of digestive system related problems.
Appetite suppressants
To block appetite, Garden of life raw fit uses three things. First, the shake has high proteins that release calories slowly to keep you feeling full for more hours. Two, the shake has natural fibers (4 grams) that further slow the release of nutrients from the shake and other foods you take. Finally, it contains decaffeinated green coffee that not only adds flavor to the shake but slows down the release of hunger hormones. After every serving, you are sure of blocking hunger for up to 4.5 hours.
Garden of life raw fit flavors
Every person who uses Garden of life raw fit indicates that it is sweet and enjoyable. Whether you opt for the vanilla or chocolate flavors, Garden of Life utilizes natural stevia and herbs to get its lovely taste. Besides, it does not have a chalky aftertaste that is characteristic of other shakes in the market today.
Garden of life raw fit price
The cost of 450-gram packet of Garden of life raw fit is $35.40 which translates to $3.0/serving. While this is on the higher side and the company should consider bringing it down, it can only be considered average comparing the top of range ingredients and other top shakes. For example, USANA Nutrimeal goes for $4.5/serving while Shakeology is sold at $4.33/serving.
Garden of life raw fit pros
• Because the shake uses ingredients that are natural, it does not have side effects.
• The shake has very little amount of sugar to ensure that those targeting cutting weight can achieve their results faster.
• Unlike other shakes, Garden of Life steered off harmful artificial sweeteners, sugars, and controversial soy.
• By including prebiotics, enzymes, and useful vitamins, the shake gives users guarantee of better health whether cutting on weight or simply boosting personal health.
Garden of life raw fit cons
The main disadvantage of Garden of life raw fit is its cost. At $3.0/serving, many people may find it a costly affair especially when it is consumed every day. However, many are the people who do not mind the high cost, but prefer the shake because of its good ingredients, ability to block hunger for more hours and diverse health benefits.
Whether you have been looking for a shake that can deliver results without risking the body or has tried others and failed, it is not over before trying Garden of life raw fit. Even if the shake is relatively costly, the ingredients are natural and highly effective in blocking hunger and keeping the body healthier.