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Two tops option that are gaining a lot of popularity for people in a mission of cutting weight fast or building muscles is protein powders and meal replacement shakes. The two options have become an ideal way to go for people who want top results and at the same time maintain their bodies in top conditions. Many people indicate they cannot forego their nutritional value even as they look for the bets strategies to build muscles.

As more manufacturers and stores start stocking hundreds of these shakes and powders, the main question is how to articulately identify the ones that are safe, top quality, and highly reliable in delivering anticipated results? One product that has become very popular is the GNC that makes protein powder and meal replacement shakes to assist people cut weight, slim, and build muscles without sacrificing meals of preference. GNC Total Lean is a meal replacement shake made by General Nutrition Center that is among the oldest supplement making companies. This is a comprehensive review of GNC total lean replacement meal shake to establish its effectiveness and assist you to make an appropriate decision.

Ingredients and nutrition

  • Calorie info: In every container of 27oz (16 servings or two scoops/serving), there is a total of 180 calories. About 20 of these calories are derived from fat. The total amount of calories is within the range of other top competitors that have between 150-200 calories.
  • Protein and cholesterol info: In every serving (2 scoops) of Total Lean Shake, you will have about 9 grams of proteins (protein concentrate and nonfat milk). Other nutrients include;
    • 4 grams of sugar
    • 5 grams of soluble fiber that constitute approximately 30% of the daily intake.
    • 2 grams of total fat.
    • 250mg of sodium which is 10% of the daily body requirement.
    • 150 mg of potassium that is approximately 4% of your daily intake.
    • 5 grams of cholesterol that is about 2% of daily requirement.
  • Vitamins and minerals: GNC Total lean provides a lot of minerals that help to make the replacement meals balanced and healthier. In total, there are about 21 different vitamins and minerals including the following.
    • Vitamin E that helps to prevent Ahzemer’s, Diabetes, and various neurological disorders.
    • Vitamin B6 that assists in keeping the heart, hair, liver, eyes, and bones healthy.
    • Niacin that boosts presence of good cholesterol in the blood
    • Others include Thiamine, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, iron, magnesium, pantothenic acid, potassium, selenium, and zinc.

gnc total lean review

GNC Total lean flavors and tastes

GNC Total lean is available in varied flavors ranging from chocolate, vanilla, and cream, and cookies. The most preferred flavors among these were chocolate and vanilla. Notably, many GNC total lean enthusiasts did not have problems with consistency because they were free to blend the food shake with water to desirable levels. In every flavor, users appeared sharply divided between those who loved thicker concentrate and others who preferred fairly thin shakes.

The lovely taste of every flavor is a great attraction for many people who want to enjoy every moment when working on light daily tasks. This can be explained by the presence of 4 grams of sugar in every 2 scoops. However, this could compromise the focus of those targeting to cut weight without including sugar. For those who feel that the sweetness of the shake is too much because of the additional sugar, it is advisable to compare with other.

GNC total lean hunger blockers

To help users cut weight or maintain their slim shape, GNC total lean uses Whey protein isolate. This is a special protein filling derived from milk to help keep you feeling full for longer. Whey is used together with other ingredients to help you block appetite three times more compared to other common shakes. However, whey concentrate does not only help to block hunger hormones, but it also does the following;

  • Helps to keep your body feeling full so that you can continue working or exercising to cut more weight.
  • Promotes body’s processing of stored fats into glucose for direct use in the workout sessions. You are, therefore, sure of using more of the stored fat and not what you have just eaten.
  • Whey concentrate promotes building muscle cells and subsequent building. It is absorbed fast to promote cells formation to give the anticipated shape.

Price and points of sale

The price of GNC Total lean is $34.99 for a 1.7lbs tub when you buy from online stores. However, you are sure of enjoying better rates by purchasing direct from the manufacturer. Indeed, you can simply join their membership to enjoy lower rates, the guarantee of safety, knowledge base, and free trials. You can also get this food replacement shake from top hypermarkets and online stores such as Amazon and Ebay.


  • GNC total lean utilizes whey proteins that raise protein levels while keeping fat intake as low as possible.
  • It has very many vitamins that extend weight management to the health of the entire body.
  • The food replacement shake does not require you to take extra or intensive exercises to cut weight. You only engage in your normal routines and replace one or two meals with the GNC total lean.
  • It helps users to manage blood cholesterol so that they can also keep off heart and blood-related complications such as diabetes.


  • Though GNC total lean has a significant amount of sugar for every serving, it still has a residual chalky feeling.
  • The food replacement shake is not prepared for people involved in intensive workouts. If you are on intensive fitness exercises, you are likely to get hungry after only 2 hours as opposed to the maximum 4 hours.


GNC total lean is one of the best replacement meal shakes made from top ingredients that will help you cut weight and maintain that lovely shape with very little effort. It contains a lot of proteins that help to keep the body feeling full for longer and vitamins that make the entire system healthier and highly productive. However, the taste still leaves a chalky-metallic feeling and is not ideal for those in intensive jobs. You should, therefore, compare this meal replacement shake with others to establish what is more appropriate.