Kirkland signature shake review

Unlike in the past when shakes were solely focused on cutting weight, manufacturers have gone a step further to ensure they make products that also help to strengthen the body’s immunity. Kirkland Signature has followed the same trend because it contains a lot of ingredients that target to supply you with nutrients that the body requires to stay healthier and stronger. Here is a comprehensive review of Kirkland Signature to help you make the right decision on whether to buy it or go for alternative shakes.
Ingredients and nutrition
In every serving, the shake supplies a total of 230 calories. This quantity is too much for people in standard jobs because they can hardly exhaust them and the rest is converted into fat. However, people in very intense jobs and workouts might find it useful because they need more calories to supply extra energy to their bodies.
Proteins: The shake supplies a total of 9 grams of proteins per serving which is substantial. However, the manufacturer could have done better by raising the amount posted by other top competitors. The main protein in the shake is whey which is derived from milk. Whey concentrates releases calories slowly so that you can feel full for longer. It contains useful amino acids that help to strengthen the cells and their processes.
The shake also contains soy protein isolate that is absorbed faster to form part of the cells structures. The protein is very helpful in building lean muscles especially during and after workout sessions.
Sugar and carbs: In every serving, the user gets 17 grams of sugar and 44 grams of carbohydrates. This is on the upper side and could easily be converted into fat if not fully utilized.
Fibers: Kirkland Signature provides a total of 5 grams of fibers per serving which is significant for a meal replacement shake.
Vitamins and minerals: The shake only provides 25% of a limited number of vitamins and minerals per serving. With only Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, iron, and magnesium, using the shake could greatly compromise the body’s ability to fight diseases and stay strong.
Kirkland Signature hunger blockers
To block hunger, Kirkland Signature utilizes the 9 grams of proteins and 5 grams of fibers to ensure that the calories are released slowly to keep you feeling full for up to 3 hours.
Kirkland Signature price
The shake is one of the cheapest in the market with every serving going for $1.5. However, this could translate into higher costs if you include other additions to get additional sources of vitamins and minerals.
Kirkland signature flavors
Kirkland Signature is available in two main flavors, vanilla, and chocolate. Because of the high amount of sugar and carbs, the shake is really tasty and many people keep coming back for more. However, many users indicated that it tasted more of ice cream than a meal replacement shake.
Kirkland signature pros
• Kirkland Signature is one of the most affordable shakes in the market. At only $1.5/serving, the shake is cheaper than Fitmiss Delight that costs $2/serving, Glucerna at $3.0 or USANA Nutrimeal that costs $4.5/serving. You can, therefore, enjoy the shake without draining all your account.
• The shake helps to block hunger for very many hours that allow you to stay away from unhealthy snacks.
• For people who are intensive jobs or regular on fitness workout, the high amount of calories will keep them supplied with all the energy they require.
• Unlike the powdered shakes, Kirkland signature is sold in liquid form that makes it easier to prepare and use. Whether you only have a few minutes in the morning or want to take it when driving to work, simply pour into a glass of water and drink.
• Though the shake has limited flavors, you can add it to your favorite juice to get the ideal taste you want.
Kirkland signature cons
• The shake contains soy protein that has attracted a lot of controversy in the recent past because of its association with allergies, thyroid issues, and complications for pregnant women. If you want a soy free shake, you might have to look for a different type altogether.
• The shake contains a lot of calories that many people rarely exhaust. At 230 calories per serving, the shake could compromise the objective of helping people who are interested in cutting weight.
• As a meal replacement shake marketed to assist people cut on weight, it contains a lot of sugar. With a total of 17 grams of sugar per serving, the shake will probably result in weight gain as opposed to loss especially when used to replace two meals on a regular basis.
• Getting the right salt balance in the body is crucial for effective cells operation, water transport, nutrients utilization, and waste removal. However, very high amount of salt risks heart and blood-related complications. With every serving containing 200 mg of salt, the shake could pose huge risks to the user. Other top shakes such as Shakeology and 310 shake only have 70 mg and 125 mg respectively.
• One major undoing of the shake is use artificial sweeteners and flavors. The sweeteners easily spike the level of blood sugar and could bring about insulin resistance over time. Similarly, artificial flavors introduce a lot of toxins and harmful products that could cause cancer.
Kirkland Signature shake is a great product that will help you block hunger to stay away from all unhealthy snacks when working. However, the shake has a lot of disadvantages that makes people doubt its ability to help in cutting weight. It has a lot of calories, a lot of sugar, and utilizes artificial flavors. Besides, it only has a few vitamins and minerals that make users to keep looking for additional fruits. Even if the shake is cheap, people who are not in intensive jobs such as fitness training should consider looking for other top alternatives that have no sugar and contain only a small amount of sodium.