Medifast program review

As the quest to become physically fit intensifies, more companies and stakeholders are devising new methods of addressing the problem of overweight and obesity. One such method is the Medifast program that seeks to change users’ feeding trends and indeed entire lifestyle. The program is marketed as a convenient plan to help users lose weight fast and safely.
As a program, it involves taking 4 Medifast meals, 2 lean and green meals, and 1 healthy snack. Therefore, the program is a complete lifestyle change. The main question is how effective it is in comparison with other shakes that involve replacing just a few meals? Here is a comprehensive review to assist you making the right decision on whether Medifast program is the best way to go.
A review of Medifast meals Ingredients and nutrition
Proteins: In the seven daily meals, the main content is proteins that help to build lean muscles and helping to burn more calories. Even after attaining the targeted weight gain, the program provides a platform to maintain a healthy body while generating all the necessary energy for higher productivity.
• Soy protein concentrate: This is what is left after soy undergoes de-fatting (fat removal). The protein from soy concentrate contains useful amino acids that help to strengthen body cells and facilitate their functioning.
• Soy protein isolate: Soy protein is what is left after soy concentrate undergoes further refining. The amino acids are purer and form part of the cells content. In the Medifast program, soy protein isolate is used to help in building the muscles and faster repair after work or fitness training.
• Milk protein concentrate: Whey proteins in the Medifast program are used to reinforce the building blocks of cells and encourage the development of lean muscles. Besides, it binds together with fibers to slow down the release of calories so that you can feel satisfied for longer.
Vitamins and minerals: Medifast program shakes are made with ample vitamins and minerals to ensure that the body can defend itself from diseases. Every meal has between 25% and 30% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamins which is substantial. However, as a complete meal replacement program that does not leave room for additions, this quantity should be raised to about 35% to 45% of recommended daily intake (RDI).
Sugars and carbs: The secret to any weight management program is the ability to keep calories as low as possible and burning more to attain the anticipated weight. However, this balance can easily be compromised if a lot of sugar is included in a shake or product. In the Medifast program shakes, the main sugars include fructose and sucralose which are processed sources and preferred because they are over 1000 times sweeter. However, these artificial sweeteners have made the program controversial and even turning away some people.
The 7 Medifast programs meals
• 4 Medifast meals: This meal gives you the option of choosing from 70 delicious options that include pastas, soups, breakfast foods, shakes, and bars. The meals are carefully prepared to contain high proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients so that you have all the energy required for high productivity.
• 2 lean and green meals: These are prepackaged 5-7 ounces of sweet tasting, lean protein, healthy vegetables, and unsaturated fats meals. Here, the shake allows you to select between different proteins and time of consumption (breakfast, lunch, supper or in between).
• 1 healthy snack: The last item in the program is a healthy snack to add to any of the main meals. The snack may be pasta, yogurt, fruits, or even whole wheat.
Medifast program price
One outstanding thing about the Medifast program is its cost. A combination of all the 6 meals gives a total of about $3.25/serving for the shakes and $2.20/serving for the drinks. However, factoring that 7 servings are required every day, the cost translates to about $300 per month which is too costly and unaffordable to many people.
Medifast program hunger blockers
Unlike other shakes that outline the main methods of blocking hunger, Medifast program opts to keep its details to the minimum. The only hunger blocker Medifast reveals in the program is CitriMax. However, its effectiveness has been demonstrated in clinical tests to be below par. After taking any of the meals in the program, many users indicate that they started feeling hungry in about 1 hour. However, this might be the reason the program has very many meals even between the main meals.
Medifast program flavors
Though Medifast program meals are available in a diversity of flavors, the most favorite of all is the chocolate. Though they are very sweet because of artificial sweeteners, they have a yeasty after-taste because of the soy.
Medifast program pros
• The program provides a complete overview of what to eat and when to eat to cut weight fast. This is helpful because other shakes usually leave users for other meals because you only replace one or two meals.
• As a complete program, people can look at their lifestyles in totality as opposed to a one meal replacement outlook taken by other shakes.
• The program provides the user with a large variety of selections that makes them enjoy cutting weight and top health without compromising what they cherish.
Medifast program cons
• The meals contain artificial sugars that can easily compromise any weight cutting efforts.
• Every serving contains soy proteins that have recently been found to pose huge health risks such as thyroid problems, brain issues, and complications in pregnant women.
• The program requires people to adjust almost all the meals which can be very difficult. Besides, it has a lot of servings that can distract people from work and compromise productivity.
• Medifast program does not clearly reveal the quantities of ingredients in every meal. This makes it difficult to calculate the calories intake as well as other nutrients.
While the program has been in the market for some time, some of the ingredients do not rhyme with the manufacturer’s objective of reducing weight and advancing better health. For example, the meals contain the controversial soy, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavorings. These, coupled with the high price of the program do not make it a very desirable product. It is advisable to compare the program with other top shakes that have low sugar, high protein, and high fiber quantity for guaranteed results.