Nature’s Way Metabolic Reset Review

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Do you get hungry and keep looking for snacks in between meals? Are you in search of a perfect product that will help you cut weight fast? What you need is the right meal replacement shake to help you block hunger, maintain the proper body health and remain more productive.

Though many products that promise to help people cut on weight are available in the market, rarely do they deliver the results you anticipate. To cut on weight and reach that model target you expect; you must understand the calories secret (eat fewer calories and burn more). One of the top products in the market today is the Metabolic Reset by Nature’s Ways. It is a meal replacement shake marketed as an appetite suppressant and assisting the body to remain healthier at all times. Here is a comprehensive review to help you make the decision on whether to use it or not.

Ingredients and nutrition

Metabolic Reset is manufactured to help people looking forward to managing their weight naturally get the best results. To achieve this, Nature’s Way ensured that they only incorporated the right amount of calories for your daily work. In every serving, you get 2 grams of sugar and 130 calories. This is an ideal amount for many people working in mild to medium tasking jobs such as office work. Notably, the low calories are helpful in two ways;

  • They allow the user to include other foods of choice such as fruits and vegetables. With these, the user is sure of enjoying cutting weight without foregoing personal taste preferences.
  • If the body requires additional calories, it burns the stored fat as opposed to making you feel hungry and using unhealthy snacks.

metabolic reset review

Metabolic Reset provides 21 grams of proteins that go a long way in helping to block hunger. By using whey protein isolate, you are sure of blocking hunger, and promoting the development of lean muscles. Whey isolates have also been demonstrated to help in lymphatic cells development for enhanced immunity.

Metabolic Reset provides 33% of Recommended Dietary Allowance for all minerals and vitamins. This makes the meal replacement shake a balanced option to help the body stay healthier and highly productive. These vitamins and minerals include Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin K, Calcium, Thiamine, and folic acid.

To sweeten the replacement shake, Nature’s Way used natural sugar source, stevia, which is easily absorbed into the body. It does not cause blood sugar spikes, and you are sure of enjoying the lovely taste of every serving.

Hunger blockers

Hunger blockers used in Metabolic Reset include the whey proteins and fibers. With the large quantities of proteins and significant fibers, users can suppress appetite for up to 3 hours. However, Nature’s Ways could have achieved more by raising the amount of fibers and other appetite suppressants that affect the process directly.

Metabolic Reset flavors

Metabolic Reset is sold in three different tastes; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The most popular of the three is the chocolate. One key concern with the flavors is that users are left with a chalky feeling in the mouth. This is caused by the high amount of proteins and vitamins in the shake. For those people who are after tastes that help to bring a thrill similar to common soft-drinks, this meal replacement shake might be the wrong choice.

Metabolic Reset prices

The cost of 1.4 lbs can of Metabolic Reset is $40.99. This has a total of 14 servings that that translate to $2.9/serving. This is relatively high considering that an ideal meal replacement shake should be about $ 1.5 to $2.0 per serving. However, it is still more affordable factoring the high nutritional value of its ingredients. Indeed, some top rated meal replacement shakes are more expensive.

Ease of preparing a Metabolic Reset shake

Metabolic Reset is an easy to make shake that users are sure of preparing within minutes. To prepare, add two scoops (45 grams) to a glass of water (8 ounces) and stir well to get an even mixture. If you want to enjoy your favorite taste, consider blending with fruits, coconut milk, soy, or other beverages. However, those targeting to cut on weight should take care to only include additions with equally low quantities of calories.

Metabolic Reset Advantages

  • Metabolic Reset is made from natural ingredients that are highly effective and do not bring about any side effects to the user.
  • It does not contain artificial sweeteners such as corn syrup that can bring about cardiac-related risks. Instead, Nature’s Way uses natural sweeteners that are equally effective.
  • It is a good hunger suppressant because of high protein content and fibers on the ingredient. Because of these, users targeting to cut on weight or maintain a healthy weight are assured of getting results very fast.
  • In addition to helping users block hunger for some hours, Metabolic Reset also promotes stronger immune system by supply all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Metabolic Reset Cons

  • Users of Metabolic Reset are very limited on the choice of flavors. Apart from the three main flavors, Nature’s Way leaves people with other preferences out of the equation.
  • Many users have been complaining about the chalky after-taste. This is a major undoing for the product. While all the other areas have been worked on well, the efforts could go down to waste if clients are forced to look for alternatives.
  • Because of the low fiber content in Metabolic Reset, the number of hours that people can block hunger is only a few. This makes it difficult to use it as a perfect hunger suppressant because the user will get hungry before the next meal and start looking for a snack.


Natural Reset came out as a great option for people who want to suppress hunger for a couple of hours and stay off unhealthy snacks. The proteins, sweeteners, and fibers used on this meal replacement shake are natural and without no harmful effects to users. Though it has some disadvantages such as bad after-taste, it is still a great option that you should consider using. However, if you want a meal replacement shake that can keep you feeling fully satisfied for more hours; consider checking for other top options.