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Myoplex Lite is among the top protein shakes in the market that many people especially in bodybuilding use. Myoplex Lite is made by Abbott Laboratories that promises users to expect results in about 3 weeks. While it is marketed as a meal replacement shake, it appears to fall short of cutting weight. Whether you have been using this meal shake for some time or want to start using it, read through this review to understand more and make the right decision.

Ingredients and nutrition

The main ingredients used in Myoplex Lite include;

  • Soy protein isolate
  • Corn maltodextrin
  • Whey protein concentrates
  • 3 grams of Oat fiber
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Myoplex Lite provides a total of 180 calories which is rather high in comparison with other top rated meal replacement shakes. For people in regular office tasks, there is a risk of not utilizing all the calories. If you dig further and compare the source of the calories, the results indicate that 11% of every serving is fat. According to the FDA standards, this meal shake does not even qualify to be a low-fat product. However, many people would argue that Myoplex Lite is still a great option when compared to the high number of calories they get from home-prepared meals.

myoplex lite review

Though the meal shake has tried to keep sugar very low at only 1 gram in the entire drink, using sucralose, an artificial sweetener, makes the focus on blocking hunger lose track. Abbott could have done better by using another type of sweetener such as the natural stevia.

One area that Abbott Laboratories scored well includes high quantity of proteins. Every serving provides an enthralling 20 grams of proteins. It sounds like a perfect point to start. However, wait a minute because the types of proteins used could undo all these benefits. Abbott includes Taurine, which many people consider a steroid. Many are the people who do not want to be involved with steroids except those who in body building industry.

By using soy as the main source of protein, Myoplex Lite wades into greater controversy because of the dangers associated with it. Many people are highly sensitive to soy concentrates and develop allergic reactions.

Myoplex lite appetite suppressant

To suppress hunger, a meal replacement shake should be high in proteins and fibers. The high protein content of 20 grams makes this a perfect option. Whey is a great protein that helps to delay hunger hormones and facilitating slow release of calories to keep you satisfied for longer. Despite this, the low amount of fibers and sugar selection works against the same objective. With only 5 grams of fibers and processed sugar, you are sure of getting hungry in about two hours.

Myoplex Lite flavors

Myoplex Lite is sold in 7 different flavors available in either ready-to-drink or powder form. The powder form is available in 3 flavors; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry creams. However, the ready-to-drink form comes in four flavors cookies & cream, chocolate fudge, French vanilla, and strawberry cream. All the flavors are very tasty because of the processed sugar. However, the texture is uneven, and all the flavors have a bad after-taste.

Myoplex Lite Price

A packet of Myoplex Lite goes for $35.99 which translates to $1.9/serving. This price is okay because other top meal replacement meal shakes in the market are more expensive. Besides, it is easy to prepare even if you only have a few minutes to leave for work.

Myoplex Lite Advantages

Myoplex Lite has won praise from users and experts because of its effectiveness especially in helping people build muscles. All the proteins are carefully selected to promote muscle cells development so that your body can get the shape you anticipate fast.

By reducing the amount of carbs used in Myoplex Lite, every user is sure of helping the body revert to stored fats for energy supply. This is important especially for those looking forward to cutting weight.

Myoplex Lite is available in different flavors that allow the user pick the preferred option and even try new ones. If you have been using chocolate and want to try a different taste, simply shift without altering the ingredients and calories supply.

The meal replacement shake also includes a lot of vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen the body’s immunity. You can, therefore, expect to enjoy complete bodily health by progressively using Myoplex Lite.

Myoplex Lite Disadvantages

  • As a meal replacement shake, Myoplex Lite provides a lot of calories that many people cannot exhaust. Besides, even the proteins supply is on the higher side, and excess is converted into fat. Therefore, the meal replacement shake is more ideal for people involved in very heavy tasks.
  • Though Abbott did a great work in reducing sugar content, using refined supplies could compromise the entire goal of blocking hunger and cutting weight. The refined sugar rapidly gets absorbed into the blood resulting in sugar spikes. Once the spikes subside, you risk feeling hungry a short moment after.
  • By including a lot of sodium, 350 mg in the meal shake, the user risks suffering cardiac related problems after some time. Other top replacement shakes such as Shakeology, GNC lean, and 18Shake contain only 70 mg, 12 mg, and 100 mg of sodium respectively.
  • By including daily products, many people risk developing serious allergic reactions. This has been a major factor driving people away Myoplex Lite.


Though Myoplex Lite has a lot of proteins and some fibers that will help suppress appetite, they only work for a very short moment. After using the meal replacement shake, you will get hungry and start looking for a snack in about two hours. For those working in energy-intensive tasks, Myoplex Lite will only guarantee hunger for about 1 hour. From the above review, this meal replacement shake can only be rated 6.5 out of 10 because of concerns with its ingredients, very high quantities of calories, and inability to block hunger for long. Therefore, you might need to compare it with other top replacement shakes before making a decision to use it.