Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions

Every time that a meal replacement shake is posted on an ad, the first thing to do should be establishing its effectiveness to help you block hunger, cut weight and stay healthy. A good shake should be able to help you bring down calories intake, promote burning of extra fat, and supply essential nutrients for good body health. Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions is a natural food replacement shake that has become very popular today. This is a complete review of the shake to assist you establish whether it is the right one for you.
Ingredients and nutrition
Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions’ ingredients are natural to ensure that more people can use the shake and enjoy healthier bodies. In every serving, the shake provides a total of 110 calories which is enough for people in standard jobs. Because most home prepared meals have over 500 calories, the shake will help you cut about 400 calories in every serving.
Proteins: In every serving, Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions shake supplies a total of 15 grams of proteins which is a good figure. All the proteins are natural and are combined with other nutrients to guarantee the user of better health.
The main protein source in the shake is whey which contains useful amino acids that strengthen the cells and promote faster recovery after workouts or daily jobs. Whey concentrate is a slow calories release protein that works well with fibers to help block hunger and keep you feeling satisfied for longer.
Apart from whey, the shake also contains soy protein. Soy is one of the top proteins used in shakes because it forms part of the body cells to help optimize their performance. It is particularly useful in building of lean muscles, blocking hunger and cutting weight.
Other useful amino acids in the shake include isoleucine, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, valine, and arginine that help to strengthen contents of cells, encourage burning of lipids, and work with fibers to help block hunger.
Fibers: In every serving, the shake supplies 6 grams of fibers that works with proteins to help slow down release of nutrients so that you can block hunger for more hours. The fibers are also useful in promoting better gut environment and nutrients absorption in the body.
Sugars: The effectiveness of any shake can easily be assessed by looking at the amount of sugar per serving. If the sugar content is very high, it poses a huge risk of causing weight gain. In every serving, Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions shake provides only 2 grams of sugar which is an ideal amount.
Vitamins and minerals: Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions stand out from other shakes because it supplies 100% of the main vitamins that your body requires. These vitamins include Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, folic acid, biotin, and pantothenic acid. Apart from vitamins, the shake provides minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium.
Prebiotics: To promote the right gut environment for better digestion and absorption, Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions shake contains important probiotics. These include useful bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. bulgaricus and B. bifidum.
Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions shake flavors
The shake is available in two key flavors; vanilla and chocolate. The manufacturer uses natural sweeteners, stevia, that makes the shake very tasty. To make the shake even tastier, you can add it to your favorite apple, pineapple, or mango juices. However, it is important to only mix the shake with low calories juices to avoid compromising efforts on cutting weight.
Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions price
The cost of Nature’s bounty optimal solutions shake is $19.79 which translates to about $1.5/serving. The shake is also easy to get from local hypermarkets and online stores like Amazon.
Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions hunger blockers
To block hunger, Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions shake uses fibers and proteins to slow down calories release and keep you feeling full for longer. After taking the shake, many users indicate they feel full for about 3½ hours. However, this period may be shorter if you are using the shake during a workout session.
Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions pros
• The shake contains very little amount of sugar and does not utilize artificial flavors or sweeteners. By using natural sweeteners like stevia, the shake helps the user to stay free from insulin insensitivity and risk of putting more weight.
• The meal replacement shake does not simply help the user block hunger the way other shakes do but focuses on whole body health. It supplies all the proteins, vitamins, and other essential amino acids to make the body organs, immune system, and cardiac system operate optimally.
• The shake utilizes natural sources for all the ingredients to ensure that it does not have negative effects and results are realized as fast as possible.
• The shake is very simple to prepare even if you are very busy and only have a few minutes. Simply pour two scoops into a glass of water, stir well and drink. Many users indicated that they prepare the shake right at the work table.
• The shake is among the cheapest in the market. Even with its top of range ingredients, the shake is sold at an affordable price to allow users enjoy cutting weight without draining all resources in their account. Other shakes such as Glucerna hungersmart costs $3.0/serving, USANA Nutrimeal costs $4.5/serving, and Shakeology goes for $4.33/serving,
Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions cons
• The shake contains soy protein that has in the recent past been associated with allergies, thyroid problems, and complications during pregnancy. The manufacturer should consider using a different type of proteins that are less controversial.
• There is a great limitation on flavors. The manufacturer could do better by including other tastes so that users can cut on weight and stay healthy without foregoing their preferred tastes.
Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions shake came out as a great option for people who want to cut weight and maintain healthy weight fast. In spite of the few cons like using soy, the shake is natural and delivers better results compared to others in the market. If you have been disappointed by other shakes in the past, do not give up until you have tried this meal replacement shake.