Nepro therapeutic nutrition shake review

If you are diagnosed with a kidney problem and needs to undergo treatment and regular dialysis, the body is at risk of suffering protein nutrition deficiencies. The dialysis machine is not as effective as your kidneys and you need to get an adequate supply of specific proteins, minerals, and other nutrients. Medical experts recommend that you take specific foods such as Nepro therapeutic nutrition that contains most of the required nutrients.
Nepro therapeutic nutrition is a special drink made for people undergoing dialysis. It provides the body with proteins and other nutrients that might have been lost when undergoing dialysis. As a therapeutic shake, the manufacturer went to great length in ensuring that the shake not only contains the requisite nutrients, but everything else to help you stay energetic, healthy, and recover as fast as possible. The following article is a comprehensive review of the shake to help you understand it better.
Ingredients and nutrition
In every serving of Nepro therapeutic nutrition, the user gets 425 calories which very high. This is because most of them are encouraged to only do light tasks and take light meals to reduce the workload on their kidneys. Therefore, many people might not exhaust the calories and the excess could be turned into fat compromising fast recovery.
Proteins: Nepro therapeutic nutrition is a high protein shake for people on dialysis treatment. The focus of the manufacturer is ensuring that all users get the right proteins to compensate what is lost during dialysis. In every serving, the user gets a total of 19.1 grams of proteins.
For a patient on dialysis, the main protein lost from the body is Albumin. Albumin is a blood protein used to indicate the status of others in the body. Nepro therapeutic nutrition provides Albumin that bond together with other proteins to keep your body healthy, hastens recovery and prevents the need for admission.
One special protein in the Nepro therapeutic nutrition is L-Carnitine that forms part of the cell content that helps with lipid metabolism. When you have a kidney problem, the last thing you want is being obese or overweight. L-Carnitine protein helps to burn lipids so that you can cut on weight even with mild exercises.
To make Nepro therapeutic nutrition even more useful to dialysis patients, it contains Taurine or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid. This is a very useful amino acid that is part of body cells with larger concentrations in the heart and brain. By supplying Taurine, the shake helps to promote cardiovascular health, immune modulation, insulin sensitivity, and electrolyte balance.
Fibres: In every serving, the shake supplies 3 gram of fibres which is a significant amount to help slow down the release of calories from food. However, Abbott Nutrition could have raised the amount to reach the level of other top shakes and assist people on dialysis more.
Carbohydrates and sugar: To identify a good meal replacement shake, one of the key factors to check on is the quantity of carbs. Nepro therapeutic nutrition has very high amount of carbs and sugar. With 37.9 grams of carbs and 8.4 grams of sugar per serving, there is a risk of excess sugar being turned into fat. While some sugar especially unsaturated type is very useful to drive the body’s activities, Abbott Nutrition could have tried to half the amount to help the sickly target population.
Vitamins and minerals: While the main focus of Abbott Nutrition is supplying the right proteins to people on dialysis, it also supplies most of the vitamins and minerals that the body requires. In every serving, the shake contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, folic acid, thiamine, niacin, choline, biotin, zinc, iron, selenium, and pantothenic acid.
Nepro therapeutic nutrition appetite suppressant
Once you have been diagnosed with a kidney problem, it is prudent to ensure that all the foods you take are carefully selected. Using the dietary fibres and proteins, people on dialysis are sure of blocking hunger for up to 2½ hours after every serving. This is important to help them stay away from unhealthy snacks that can compromise their health situation.
Nepro therapeutic nutrition price
While the shake is no doubt a great option because it has some of the best ingredients, the price is rather high. An 8-ounce can of 16 packs goes for $58.27 at Amazon which translates to about $3.6/serving. This is rather high considering that the standard price of a shake is $1.5/serving. However, many people prefer it because it keeps them healthy, active, out of the hospital, and promotes faster healing.
Nepro therapeutic nutrition flavours
The Nepro therapeutic nutrition shake has a lovely taste which can be understood because of the high sugar and carbs content. However, Abbott Nutrition should consider introducing additional flavours and use natural sweeteners such as stevia as opposed to processed sugars.
Nepro therapeutic nutrition pros
• The meal replacement shake contains some of the top of range ingredients that help to keep the body healthy during dialysis.
• Unlike other shakes that largely target blocking hunger, Nepro therapeutic nutrition makes it easy for the body to compensate the proteins lost during dialysis, strengthen the immunity, and promote the growth of lean muscles.
• The shake is very effective in blocking hunger to help users stay away from unhealthy snacks between the meals.
Nepro therapeutic nutrition cons
• Though the shake is carefully thought about and most of the ingredients balance, the high level of sodium is not likable. High sodium and choline pose risk of cardiac related problems and compromised active transportation of nutrients and water.
• The amount of sugar in the shake is very high. At 8.4 grams per serving, users are at an elevated risk of adding weight if they do not exhaust all the sugars in the shake.
• The cost of the shake is too high and many people taking into consideration that most of the users are also pressed so much by medical bills.
Abbott Nutrition went to great length in coming up with this shake that is giving patients on dialysis a reliable source of proper nutrition. While there are several undesirable aspects of the shake, it is no doubt one of the best and you should not hold back if you are on dialysis or know a patient on dialysis. Always remember that any meal replacement shake will always work better when accompanied by regular exercises even if you can only afford a walk in the lawn.