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When you set out looking for a shake to help you cut on weight, make sure to understand the secret of calories balance. You must take fewer calories and burn more to reduce weight. This is the secret that every shake should drive with its ingredients. In this article, Nutriiveda Shake is reviewed to help you decide whether to buy and use or look for alternatives.
Nutriiveda Shake is manufactured by Zrii that insists people who want to cut weight should approach the issue holistically. This includes use of other low sugar and low calories foods. Take a closer look at the ingredients and see why this might be the shake you have always been waiting to cut on your weight.

Ingredients and nutrition

In every serving, Nutriiveda provides 150 calories which are 75% less than what you get in a normal meal at home. The calories are enough to supply you with all the energy you require and encourage the body to revert to stored fats.

  • Protein: This is the main ingredient in this shake. In every serving, you get 18 grams of proteins. To make the meal replacement shake even more useful, Zrii ensured that the proteins are selected from pricey sources.
    • Whey protein: Whey protein concentrate helps by slowing down the release of nutrients and building of body cells. Its amino acids help in cells recovery after a strenuous workout or even injuries. This makes the shake an ideal meal even for people with very busy schedules.
    • Pea Protein: Amino acids from pea proteins are very useful in helping to suppress the release of hunger hormones especially ghrelin so that you can feel full for a longer period.
    • Soy protein: Though Soy is an excellent protein for suppressing hunger; it has recently become very controversial. While Zrii effort to use non-GMO soy is commendable, controversies surrounding soy do not make the shake sound good at all. Many people will simply take to their heels with a mere mention of soy.
  • Fiber: Unlike other protein shakes in the market that only have 5grams of fibers; every scoop of Nutriiveda comes with 7 grams. This is among the main secrets behind the shake’s success in blocking hunger.
  • Sugar and carbs: For people who are very conscious about fat, this is the best shake for them. Nutriiveda has 0% fat which gives you one assurance; it will not bring about weight gain even when you replace two or all the meals. The sugar content is also very low at 6 grams to help make the shake tasty and enjoyable.
  • Vitamins and minerals: Nutriiveda formulation contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals to guarantee full body health.

Nutriiveda shake review

Nutriiveda Flavors and Tastes

Nutriiveda approach to flavors combines some sugar with natural herbs. Every serving contains 5 grams of sugar that make the shake very tasty. Key herbs used to add flavor and further assist in blocking hunger include guggul, turmeric, green tea, and amalaki among others. Many people who try the shake cannot keep it away because they can blend it with milk, yogurt or other favorite drinks. However, it is advisable to ensure that the calories remain as low as possible to help your effort on cutting weight realistic.

Nutriiveda appetite suppressants

Every ingredient included in Nutriiveda shake was geared towards helping block hunger and cutting weight. The high protein and fiber content work with the herbs slow down the release of nutrients and keep you feeling full and energized for longer. Besides, they also help to suppress hunger hormones so that you do not keep rushing to the candy shop for a snack.

Nutriiveda price

One reality with top meal replacement shakes is that they are never cheap. Nutriiveda can of 22 oz that has 30 servings is sold for $99.99 which translates to about $3.33/serving. This is no doubt one of the higher end shakes in the market. However, its composition of high-quality proteins, valuable fibers, and unique herbs can explain the high cost. Despite all of these, it is still more affordable compared to other shakes such as Shakeology that goes for $4.33/serving.

Pros of using Nutriiveda

  • Using Nutriiveda gives you the assurance of blocking hunger for many hours. By utilizing a high amount of proteins and fibers, you can be sure of feeling satisfied between one meal and another.
  • Unlike other shakes that promise users results with just a few servings every day, Zrii gives users the reality of cutting weight and staying healthy. You are advised to take about 15-30 minutes of exercises every day to help cut weight and stay healthier when using Nutriiveda.
  • Unlike other meals that are considered not ideal for kids, Nutriiveda is a shake for all people including children. This makes the shake very useful because you can replace unhealthy snacks used by children to prevent diabetes.
  • While Nutriiveda is formulated to help people on weight management, it contains ingredients that help the whole body. For example, it has a lot of vitamins and useful herbs to strengthen body immunity.

Cons of Nutriiveda

  • Nutriiveda contains soy proteins that have in the recent past been associated with a lot of controversies such as allergies and stomach related problems.
  • Though the shake is indeed properly formulated, the cost is rather high and out of reach for many people. It is indeed more than double from the $1.5/serving that is considered ideal for meal replacement shakes.
  • The amount of sodium used in this meal replacement shake is rather high and, therefore, not good especially when used on a regular basis. At 200 mg per serving, the user is at a risk of suffering cardiac related problems. Though it is still low compared to what other shakes contain, the manufacturer should consider lowering sodium to less than 100 mg per serving.


Nutriiveda constitution presents what can be referred as the ultimate protein shake for high performance. The shake has high-quality proteins and does not contain artificial fillers or sugars that can compromise your health. Though the shake is pricy, it is still more affordable compared to others in the same high category. It is, therefore, one protein shake that you should consider trying to enjoy results for the entire family.