Nutrilite Shake Review

If you have been looking for a protein shake to assist with the shedding of extra weight fast, Nutrilite might be the ultimate solution. The shake is manufactured by Nutrilite Inc. that has cut a name for making top rated products. To cut weight, you replace one or two meals with the shake to help cut on calories that get into the body.
While the problem of overweight and obesity is no doubt too much, you can only solve it by understanding the role of calories. To cut on weight, you must reduce the amount of calories you take and burn more from the body. This is the balance that Nutrilite helps you to strike at all times. The following is a review of Nutrilite to establish its effectiveness and compare its application with other top shakes.
Ingredients and nutrition
In every serving of the Nutrilite, you get 140 calories that are considered ideal for a standard worker. However, if you are in more intensive tasks or a workout session, more servings might be required to keep the body supplied with enough energy. A good way to use the shake during workouts is getting a serving every 1-1½ hours and immediately after the session.
• Protein: In every serving, Nutrilite provides a total of 15 grams of proteins from soy. Soy protein is derived from soybean and is only partially processed so that they are broken down slowly to keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period. The protein contains useful amino acid chains that assist the body cells stabilize and repair faster after intensive workout sessions. Besides, the amino acids work together with vitamins to strengthen the immune system.
• Fibers: The shake contains 3 grams of fibers that help to slow down breakdown and release of nutrients from food. Though 3 grams is significant, Nutrilite could have done better by raising it to higher levels for greater effects.
• Vitamins and minerals: The shake provides 35% of your recommended daily intake of 24 vitamins and minerals which is an ideal figure. The vitamins include Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, calcium, folate, magnesium, phosphorous, and riboflavin among others that help strengthen the immune system.
• Sugar: In every serving, you get 11 grams of sugar which is a very high amount for a shake targeted at helping people cut on weight. This has attracted a lot of criticism for the shake with many people at risk of raising their weight and not lowering it.
Nutrilite hunger blockers
To block hunger, the shake uses fibers and soy protein concentrate to slow down the release of calories and keep you feeling satisfied for about 4 hours. However, if you are in more intensive tasks of workouts, the shake might only block hunger for 2 hours only. If you are engaged in a workout, it is advisable to go for a new serving every 2 hours and after the workout to help in rebuilding the worn-out cells.
Nutrilite price
Nutrilite is a medium priced meal replacement shake with a 12 pack going for $36.60. This translates to about $3.0/serving which is an average figure when compared to other more expensive alternatives like AdvoCare that costs $3.20/serving, USANA at $4.5/serving, and Nutriiveda at $3.33/serving. This price is still very high and many users would like to see the manufacturer bring it lower close to the $1.5/serving that is considered ideal for shakes.
Nutrilite flavors
Nutrilite is sold in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. The chocolate flavor has a rough feeling in the mouth and a deep aftertaste because of high protein content. Despite this, it is the favorite with most users adding their favorite drinks or juices to get personal taste preferences.
Nutrilite pros
• The shake is among the top shakes in the market because of its effectiveness in helping people block hunger for many hours and therefore stay away from unhealthy snacks.
• By including important protein, vitamins, and minerals, the shake helps the user to strengthen all body systems for higher productivity.
• The fibers and selection of proteins help to keep the environment of the gut more effective to promote better digestion and absorption of all food nutrients. Remember that the shake is only supposed to replace one or two meals and not all of them.
• The shake is very easy to prepare so that you can have complete breakfast within minutes. For those who want to use the shake when working, it will only take a couple of seconds so that you do not even have to turn off the workplace computer.
• You can enjoy the shake without foregoing your favorite tastes by preparing using the favorite juices or milk.
Nutrilite cons
• Nutrilite is mainly made from soy protein that has attracted a lot of controversies after the revelation of associated health risks. The protein is associated with thyroid problems, cardiac issues, and complications for pregnant women.
• As a meal replacement shake for people looking forward to cutting on weight, the amount of sugar on this meal replacement shake is rather high. At 11 grams, the shake is at the upper end compared to other shakers in the same category. If you do not want to use a protein shake with any sugar, this might be the wrong choice for you.
• The shake contains artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium that are linked to allergies, gut, and blood problems resulting to ban in various grocery chains.
• The cost of the shake is relatively high and out of reach for many people. At $3.0/serving, many people who cannot afford end up looking for different type sold at lower rates.
While the shake has a number of shortcomings such as high salt content and artificial sweeteners, it was very effective in blocking hunger and helping users cut on weight. Many users expressed their satisfaction with results and emphasized that the shake was better in many respects compared to others. Except for those people who only want a sugarless shake; this is one of the top options that you should consider trying to cut extra pounds faster.