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Nutrisystem is a protein shake aimed at providing users with enough supply of proteins and nutrients to reduce hunger and craving. Though it is not a meal replacement, the manufacturer recommends that it is consumed together with other low calories food items for a healthier lifestyle. It is designed to work together within a larger program of weight and health management especially for people who follow a regular workout program.

Ingredients and nutrients

The main ingredients in the NutriSystem include;

  • Whey protein concentrate: This concentrate is made from cheese and has very low levels of bio-active compounds (lactose) and high contents of proteins. The quantity of whey in the NutriSystem helps to burn fat, reduce hunger, and suppress appetite when taken before a workout session.
  • High-Oleic Sunflower Oil: This is a critical component in the shake that helps to control levels of cholesterol and heart diseases.
  • Calcium Phosphate: When NutriSystem came up with this shake, they included calcium phosphate ingredient to ensure that users enjoy strengthening of the muscles, bones, and teeth.
  • Vitamin A Palmitate: This ingredient is used to promote stronger immune system, body cells maintenance, promote a healthier skin, and prevent eye-related problems.

Nutrisystem is not sold as a meal replacement shake, but a protein shake. It contains 1 gram of fiber, 15 grams of proteins, and 110 calories. However, every serving only supplies the body with 6 grams of sugar and less fiber that are no doubt inadequate to take you to the next meal. You will need to add other recommended meal plans to ensure the body is supplied with requisite energy to work the entire day.

nutrisystem shake review

Recommended dose and where to buy

To enjoy the full benefits of Nutrisystem protein shakes, it is required that you take them about 2 times in the course of the day. Take a single serving in the morning before taking breakfast and midday before lunch. It is meant to work with additional meals so that you can feel full and get all the requisite energy for the whole day.
Nutrisystem is available in many online stores such as Amazon and Ebay for easier access. If you opt to buy from the company, they only sell it together with other diet plans that may require you to pay more. For those buying the product for the first time, they have a 14 days money back guarantee to ensure that your objective was met by the product.

Nutrisystem Tastes and flavors

Nutrisystem is sold in three flavors; the vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors. The flavors are a little sugary because they utilize sucrose for sweetening. However, many people like the two flavors because they can blend them with personal preferences especially coconut milk or fruits to match well with the breakfast or lunch.

The price of the NutriSystem shake

The cost of Nutrisystem is $52.99/packet (3boxes with 7 packets each) that translates to $1.89 per serving. If you buy from their website, the price is $10/7pack which translates to $1.43/shake/serving. Though this is okay, the price is still relatively higher because it is not a replacement meal. This means that unlike others which you take and go to work, in this case, you need to take the Nutrisystem shake and a full meal. It is indeed a cost addition to the normal meal.

Nutrisystem shake and need for a proper diet plan

Unlike other food replacement shakes, Nutrisystem only works effectively when it is coupled with an appropriate diet plan. NutriSystem has developed various diet plans that its users take and follow strictly for weight management. To get the perfect appetite suppressing effect, it is prudent to select appropriate low calories meals and take them about 30 minutes after each serving.
Many users following NutriSystem diet plans and using the Nutrisystem shake are capable of blocking appetite and cutting off their weight faster. For other users, Nutrisystem guarantees them of elevated energy levels and weight management while enjoying their preferred flavors.

Nutrisystem Disadvantages

Though the Nutrisystem works well for many users, the following key disadvantages were reported by many users and even drove away others.

  • To drop weight and maintain it at your targeted levels, you must follow a strict diet plan together with Nutrisystem.
  • It may result in constipation. This was particularly discouraging especially after comparing the shake with other top brands that included a lot of fibers and anti-constipation natural extracts.
  • The shake is not recommended for people below the age of 18 years and pregnant mothers. Well, because many young people from ages 14 years are busy doing a lot of exercises and following fitness programs, Nutrisystem shake was considered too limiting.
  • Some people reported about fatigue and headache after using Nutrisystem. This was a major undoing factor because people want to take the shake when leaving for work so that they can have a lot of energy to work the entire day. For those working with machines, dizziness can be very dangerous.


NutriSystem is a highly effective protein shake that works well when coupled with an appropriate diet plan. However, even other people can still use it and enjoy its appetite-blocking ability and hassle free fast burning process by using together with low calories meals. However, this makes NutriSystem protein shake to be more expensive compared to others because a user has to still take a full meal. Though many users on diet plan enjoy the shake, it is advisable to compare it with others that offer better prices, more options and have fewer disadvantages.