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As millions of people look forward to cutting weight every year, the fitness management industry has been thrown into frenzy. Thousands of products are created and released into the market to assist people to achieve this goal. One such type of product is meal replacement shakes that target helping people cut on weight without foregoing any meal or using harmful chemicals. However, some of these products rarely deliver results and users ultimately give up. To help you understand more, this is a comprehensive review of ProGrade, one of the top meal replacement reviews.
ProGrade is a meal replacement shake made to assist you in staying full between meals. It is made to replace at least one meal and allow you stay satisfied for hours so that you do not keep rushing for unhealthy snacks that add more calories and compromise your objective of cutting weight. Besides, ProGrade helps the user to boost body metabolism so that you can burn extra fat and achieve your weight cutting targets easily.

ProGrade Ingredients and Nutrition

When using meal replacement shakes, it is prudent to understand the ingredients and their nutritional constituents. ProGrade supplies a whopping 35 grams of proteins which are more than double of what other top meal replacement shakes have.

  • In every serving, you get 6.8 grams of branched chain amino acids and additional 3 grams of Leucine Amino Acids that are very useful for building muscle cells and strengthening the immune system.
  • ProGrade also contains quality whey to help you with filtration of cells impurity and blocking hunger hormones.

ProGrade contains 8 grams of fibers that help to keep you feeling full and satisfied for hours. This is enough to keep you feeling full between two meals. Together with the high proteins, fibers help to boost metabolism for consistent fat loss.

Essential vitamins and minerals in ProGrade help to keep the body’s immune system boosted at all times. The main vitamins and minerals included in the protein shake are Vitamins C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Folic Acid, Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium.

ProGrade meal replacement shake provides users with 35% of the recommended daily calories intake per serving. In total, you will get 275 calories/serving which is on the higher side compared to others that only provide half of it. It could even be higher if you opt to use the meal replacement shake twice every day. However, it is still a great reduction when compared with what many people get from the meals they prepare at home.

ProGrade Flavors

ProGrade is available in two main flavors; coffee and chocolate. The coffee flavor is better if you are using the shake for breakfast while the chocolate flavor can be used for lunch/supper. Though many people find the two flavors okay, some expressed concerns that the texture was not as smooth as other replacement shakes. Indeed, the manufacturer could do a lot more on flavors by including others such as vanilla and apple flavors among others.

ProGrade Price

The cost of a packet of ProGrade is $90 which translates to about $3.0/serving. This is very pricy and could be out of reach for many people when calculated cumulatively. The ideal meal replacement shake cost should be between $1.2 and $2.0.

ProGrade Hunger blockers

ProGrade helps the user cut weight by blocking hunger so that you can stay away from snacks or unhealthy foods in between meals. Using the Whey protein and fibers, ProGrade helps in purification process to promote the preservation of glycomacropeptides that help to signal the brain you are full for up to 4.5 hours.

ProGrade fibers stabilize the process of glucose release to avoid sugar spikes that can prompt elevated levels of insulin and immediate hunger. By keeping the levels of insulin low, you will feel satisfied for longer, and the body will revert to breaking down stored fats.

Pros of ProGrade

  • This replacement protein shake has all the proteins and fibers that one would require to block hunger for a long time. This means that you can stay away from smaller snacks that you are used to in between meals.
  • ProGrade contains all important amino acids and vitamins that help to keep your body healthier at all times. They support a stronger immune system and muscle cells development.
  • The meal replacement shake does not have artificial sweeteners, filers, or additives. This is crucial because more people can use it without side effects.
  • Because of increased metabolism and ability to block hunger, this shake is ideal for people who want to cut weight or work in heavy duty tasks.
  • ProGrade utilizes natural sweeteners that make it easy to keep off harmful sugars.

Cons of using ProGrade

  • ProGrade is only available in two flavors that leaves users with few options to choose from. This can be problematic to those who have a strong attachment to specific flavors outside the two provided by ProGrade.
  • The quantity of calories supplied by ProGrade is very high, and many people in mild jobs such as office work might end up not using all of them. This would result in converting extra calories into fat and compromising the main objective of cutting down weight.
  • The cost of ProGrade is rather high, and many people might not be able to sustain it for a long period.
  • Because ProGrade is recommended for replacing one meal, people working on cutting weight might undo its benefits by taking extra calories during other meals. The manufacturer could have come up with an ideal low calorie and high nutrient plan for other meals.


ProGrade is a great meal replacement shake option that provides users with a reliable way to cut weight and sustain it at health levels. Though it is very pricey compared to others in the same top category, many people still preferred it because they are assured of good results. Besides, the ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that users also enjoy better health through strengthened immunity, faster cells replacement, and muscle building. If you have tried others and got dismal results or failed completely, this is one option worth consideration.