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As more players enter the market to cash in on weight management industry, reports of users expressing their dissatisfaction keep emerging every day. To cut on weight and maintain the best shape, muscles, and outlook, the secret is taking fewer calories and burning more. One of the top products in the market is the Re-Body meal replacement shake. This is a comprehensive review of Re-Body that demystifies the nutrition, cost, appetite suppression, pros, and cons of using the shake.

Re-Body is a meal replacement shake made with focus expounded from simply helping you to fight hunger, but keeping the body healthier. The target is to give users a working meal replacement shake that can deliver more without breaking their pockets. It is this genuine approach that has made Re-Body to win the trust of many users.

Ingredients and nutrition

In every Re-Body serving, the user gets 110 calories. This is a good amount because it is just enough to help you carry on with daily tasks. If the body requires extra calories, you will have to burn stored fat which is very good to help cut on weight. Besides, there is enough room for users to include their favorite fruits or other low calories food. When compared to other meal replacement shakes, Re-Body comes out as a better option. For example, Myoplex Lite has 180 calories, USANA Nutrimeal has 230 calories, while Special K has 190 calories.

re-body review

The user gets 14 grams of proteins in every serving which is enough to help keep you feeling full for more hours. This is not the only good news. The 14 grams of proteins come from high-quality whey that is easily absorbed to help block the release of hunger hormones. By keeping off soy and other harmful proteins, users can be sure of staying free from associated risks.

To ensure that users can cut weight and stay as healthy as possible, Re-Body ensured that this meal replacement shake has very low amount of sugar. In every serving, you only get 2 grams of sugar and 9 grams of carbs. This is a great substitute for every sugary beverage or cookies that many people keep using in between the meals.
To make this meal replacement shake even more complete, Re-Body packed it with lots of vitamins to keep the immunity as strong as possible. It provides 50% of all the 19 major vitamins that your body requires including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Calcium, Thiamine, and Biotin among others.

Other ingredients include 5 grams of fiber. Though Re-Body could have done better by increasing this amount to suppress hunger more, the 5 grams of fiber is still substantial. Indeed, most of other top meal replacement shakes also have the same range of fibers (between 5 grams and 10 grams).

Hunger blockers

Re-Body uses whey and fibers to help suppress hunger in between meals. After taking Re-Body, you will feel full for about 2.5 hours. However, people working in intensive jobs are likely to feel hungry faster because the calories are few and fiber content lower. This is one area that Re-Body could improve on to make this meal replacement shake more effective.

Re-Body Flavors

Re-Body is available in two flavors; chocolate and vanilla. Though the chocolate is more popular, one outstanding thing is the sharp metallic taste. Well, while Re-Body worked so well in ensuring that all the ingredients are balanced, they failed on taste. Even though it can be understood because of the low sugar content, Re-Body could have considered utilizing natural sweeteners such as stevia.

Re-Body Price

The cost of Re-Body is $33 for a can that lasts for 14 days. This translates to about $2.33 per serving which is a little high taking into consideration that the average price is considered to be $1.5 to $2.0. However, it is still affordable considering that other meal replacement shakes are more than double the cost of Re-Body cost.

Ease of preparation

One goal of Re-Body when manufacturing this shake was to make work of preparing meals easy and fast so that you can concentrate on the main daily chores. You should consider using the Re-Body to replace breakfast and/or lunch to stay energized and feeling full for longer.

To prepare Re-Body, mix a single scoop with 10 ounces of water. If you want to get a better taste, consider adding into milk or your favorite beverage. However, people who are cutting weight should be careful of the beverage they are adding to keep the extra calories as low as possible. This allows you to block hunger and enjoy cutting weight without foregoing your favorite tastes.

Pros of using Re-Body

  • Re-body is a low calorie, low glycemic, and a low sugar meal replacement shake that has been proven to work well in blocking hunger and cutting weight.
  • It utilizes natural sugar and keeps off harmful fructose corn syrup.
  • Re-Body supplies the user with all the required calories and still allows you some space to include your favorite beverage.
  • Unlike other meal replacement shakes, Re-Body is very easy to prepare and use to get results.
  • Re-body is priced affordably so that more people can afford it. The cost per serving is about half the most expensive meal replacement shake in the market.

Cons of using Re-Body

One, the meal replacement shake only blocks hunger for a very short period. Within two and half hours, you will be hungry and look for something to eat. If you want a meal replacement shake that can block hunger for a longer time, consider checking other top shakes.

Re-Body taste is among the worst in the market. Every user of Re-Body expresses concerns of the metallic taste brought about by the high content of protein.


From this review, Re-Body came out as a well thought about food replacement meal that guarantees users results without risking their lives. Though the taste is undesirable, the rating for this product is 7.8/10. However, if you want to block hunger for more hours or work in an energy intensive area, consider checking for other top rated meal replacement shakes.