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If you are shopping for a perfect way to lose weight and stay healthier without craving, Shakeology is one great option worth considering. Shakeology is a powerful super-food formula that does more than fuel your body; it will boost the digestive system, strengthen immunity, and grow the muscles faster. The manufacturer, Beachbody, was moved by the main objective to make one of the best meal replacement shakes that would work for more people at a more affordable rate.

Shakeology ingredients

Beachbody went to great length in ensuring that Shakeology is laden with lots of nutrients that the body requires for optimal performance. This rich health shake has over 70 different nutritious ingredients that target helping every part of the body.

  • Super-fruits and super-greens are incorporated in large quantities to guarantee the user has ample supply of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin D that help to strengthen the body’s immunity, good skin development, and eyesight.
  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients: These are incorporated into the meal shake to help the body clear radicals and harmful toxins, slow down aging process, and boost immunity. The phytonutrients together with various minerals like phosphorous and magnesium are critical components of body cells and, therefore, help with recovery after injuries or illnesses.
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, Fiber, and Digestive Enzymes in Shakeology help to ensure that your gut is in top condition. They add the right bacteria such as Bacillus coagulan and yacon root and create the right digestive environment for a faster breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients.
  • Essential proteins form bulk of the Shakeology ingredients to help the user get all the necessary essential amino acids and carbs to support cells development, muscles growth, and powering the entire body day.
  • Adaptogen Herbs and fiber in this meal shake are tested to help raise energy production so that you have all the calories necessary for more productivity without craving for extra food. The herbs are also useful in combating stress that characterizes many people at work so that you can make the right decisions and enjoy higher productivity.

shakeology review

Shakeology Nutrition

The overall nutrients breakdown in the Shakeology drink provides you with more than 50% RDI (recommended daily intake) in each serving. The popular drink contains 160 calories which are released slowly so that every user feels full of energy for a longer time. This is critical in reducing craving and encouraging the body to utilize stored fat. The best time to take this replacement shake is in the morning to enjoy the benefits all day long.

Every flavor comes with its unique quantities of calories to give users diversity. For example, the people’s favorite Shakeology chocolate flavor has 160 calories while the Vegan chocolate flavor has 170 calories. This is critical to assist every person can go for the type that has lower or higher calories depending on the nature of daily work.

Shakeology Flavors and tastes

Beachbody has gone to great lengths to come up with diverse tastes for more people to enjoy this great drink. One of the people’s favorite is the chocolate flavor. Others include vanilla, strawberry, and greenberry. Recently, they have added a new flavor, café latte that every young person wants to use before leaving for work in the morning. To ensure that even vegetarians can enjoy this drink, Beachbody has added the vegan option. This has helped to take Shakeology to new waters because most of its competitors only offer vanilla and chocolate flavors.

While many Shakeology users cherish it because of diverse health benefits, its taste is equally crucial. Some new users indicate that tastes are rich and different from others. When you drink Shakeology, there is a special feeling that you are getting the right thing. The complex formula that brings together a wide range of nutrients and proteins brings the notion that you are not simply drinking, but giving the body a complete retreat similar to taking a special dinner. It creates a special bridge between the meals so that you can feel more energetic the whole day and deliver more results.

Notably, the greenberry flavor has not been the best and is the least popular. It has a grassy taste that makes more people prefer the chocolate taste. However, the target of Shakeology is not to create all sweet tasting drinks, but focusing more on health and striking a balance with taste. The bud taste in most Shakeology drinks is because of the high vitamin content which is very critical for stronger body immunity.

Ideal time for taking Shakeology

Shakeology is designed to be consumed every day to get all the outlined benefits. If you take the drink for a couple of weeks and then stop for some days, you will easily notice that the body is missing something critical. It is, therefore, advisable to take Shakeology in the morning before leaving for work so that your body gets extra energy and more importantly, to reduce craving. You can, therefore, be sure to stay away from all those fast foods, sweets, and other high sugar snacks that are dangerous to your body. It is also recommended that you take Shakeology before starting your workout session because it supplies enough nutrients, energy, promotes muscle building, and facilitates burning of stored fat.

Shakeology Price

Shakeology is sold at $129.95 which is a full package for 30 servings. This translates to about $4.33/serving which is rather pricy compared to other related meal shakes. However, many people who try the product indicate that they would rather keep paying more and enjoy the greatness of the drink. If you buy direct from the manufacturer, you can enjoy lower prices, subsidized shipping, and regular discounts to help you keep enjoying the great drink for less. Indeed, they even have a 30 days money back guarantee for first-time users who do not enjoy its thrill. This is a great commitment because they refund the cash irrespective of whether you had consumed the entire pack.

Where to buy Shakeology

The best place to purchase Shakeology is the official Beachbody’s page. They have better prices, regular discounts, and knowledge base for people who want to understand more about the shake. You can also purchase Shakeology from online auctions and marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon though the price might be higher compared to the manufacturer. Note that you can only be sure of getting the right Shakeology by purchasing from them or trusted online stockiest such as Amazon.