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The main focus behind any meal replacement shake is supplying enough calories that a person requires and using hunger blocking ingredients so that you do not keep rushing for unhealthy cookies. However, as millions of people struggle with overweight and keep searching for the best meal shakes, the fitness industry niche has attracted a lot of interest with new products being designed and getting released to the market. USANA Nutrimeal is manufactured by USANA Health Sciences and marketed as a meal-replacement supplement to help block hunger, cut weight, and maintain a healthier body. In this review, the USANA Nutrimeal is reviewed to establish its ingredients, effectiveness, and compare it with other top shakes in the market.

USANA Nutrimeal Ingredients and Nutrition

While USANA Nutrimeal is marketed as a top protein blend, every user will be taken aback at first sight with mention of soy. Besides this, you are met with the fructose label that raises the red flag even higher. The main ingredients in USANA Nutrimeal include;

  • Soy protein isolate
  • Soy-fiber
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Crystalline fructose, oligofructose,
  • Natural flavors
  • Sea salt and sodium caseinate
  • Vitamins and minerals

USANA Nutrimeal is packed with a total of 15 grams of proteins which are a perfect level compared to other top shakes that have an average of 10grams. However, the selection of proteins used in USANA Nutrimeal leaves many users at crossroads. The main source of protein is Soy, which has recently been associated with a lot of problems including food allergies, thyroid problems, immune system issues, and pregnancy-related dangers. These are risks that many people are not willing to take at all cost. Other proteins include whey and pea that work with fibers to help keep you full for a longer period.

usana nutrimeal review

Every serving of USANA Nutrimeal contains 230 calories. This is on the higher end and does not give the user some space to include some personal additions. Though some people may argue that 230 calories are still lower than what meals prepared at home provide, the chances are that you will not exhaust them, and the excess will end up being converted to fat.

Each serving is loaded with 18 grams of sugar which are relatively high especially for a person trying to cut down on weight. Apart from being very high, USANA Nutrimeal also uses sugar sources that researchers and medics are discouraging. By utilizing crystalline fructose, the user elevates the risk of elevated blood pressure, faster vitamins depletion, and elevated triglycerides in the body. Because it causes high blood sugar spikes, using it for a long time could bring about insulin resistance.

Each serving of USANA Nutrimeal contains 8 grams of fiber that helps to slow down the release of carbs, aid in digestion, and lower the risk of cholesterol.

Hunger blockers

Though USANA Nutrimeal is marketed as a weight loss product, the ingredients do not appear to support their argument. The main secret behind any effort to cut on weight is taking fewer calories and burning more. USANA Nutrimeal uses whey protein to suppress the release of hunger hormones and keep you feeling full for a longer period. However, the low level of carbs, 8 grams, makes it difficult to maintain satiety for a long time when using USANA Nutrimeal. Many users reported that they got hungry after only 2 hours of consuming the drink.

USANA Nutrimeal flavors and tastes

USANA Nutrimeal is available in three main flavors; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. A lot of people have a preference for chocolate and vanilla flavors because of their sweet tastes. This can be understood because of the high sugar levels and artificial sweeteners.

Cost of USANA Nutrimeal

The cost of a bag of USANA Nutrimeal of 9 servings is $40.98 if you buy at Amazon. This translates to $4.5/serving which is on the higher end. This makes it the costliest of all the top meal replacement shakes such as Shakeology, Ideal Shake, or Isagenix. However, you could enjoy the USANA Nutrimeal at a lower cost if you buy from the manufacturer.

Pros of USANA Nutrimeal

  • The manufacturer went to great length to ensure that USANA Nutrimeal has loads of proteins to help users block hunger and stay healthier.
  • Whey and Soy proteins are rich in amino acids that help to build cells and promote a healthier you. This is important in rebuilding worn out cells even when carrying heavy duty tasks.
  • By supplying a lot of calories, USANA Nutrimeal guarantees all people of ample supply of energy including those in heavy duty jobs.
  • It supplies all the essential vitamins and minerals that are required for a stronger immune system.

Cons of USANA Nutrimeal

  • While the high number of calories in USANA Nutrimeal is an advantage especially to people in heavy duty jobs, it is a demerit to others. For people in average jobs such as offices, the calories will not be exhausted, and the remainder will be turned into fat.
  • The selection of proteins, especially soy has made many people look down upon USANA Nutrimeal because of associated negative effects. The manufacturer could have considered using a different type of protein that is healthier and with no controversies.
  • Using processed sugars and sweeteners risks causing blood sugar spikes that make the user hungry after a very short time. This coupled with low fiber content makes
  • USANA Nutrimeal less effective in blocking hunger.
  • USANA Nutrimeal is very pricey and out of reach for many people. At a cost of $4.5/serving, it is indeed one of the costliest because the average cost for a meal replacement shake is considered $1.5-$2.0.


USANA Nutrimeal can only be rated 7.8/10. Though the manufacturer went to great lengths ensuring that the product has ample proteins, the inclusion of soy proteins poses a lot of risks to the user. Besides, the total number of calories is too high, and many people rarely complete them after each serving. The unused calories and the processed sugars raise the risk of gaining weight. Because of these considerations, it is advisable to compare it with other top rated meal replacement shakes for assurance of better results.