Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Review

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If you want to lose weight and at the same time build on your muscles, Visalus vi-shape might be the shake for you. Vi-shape is a protein replacement shake manufactured by Visalus that has in the recent past astonished the market with its diverse products. This is a comprehensive review to help establish why more people keep coming back for the Visalus vi-shape.

Ingredients and nutrition

Visalus vi-shape stands out from others because of its ingredients. In every serving (2 scoops), you get 90 calories that are mostly derived from proteins. The manufacturer insists that the target was making a meal shake that could supply all nutrients and still help user cut weight and stay as healthy as possible.


Every serving of Visalus vi-shape contains 12 grams of proteins which are substantial for a meal replacement shake. The shake utilizes two main types of proteins including Tri-sorb blend, whey and soy proteins that help with building muscle cells, blocking hunger, and boosting immunity. The proteins have also been tested and proven to help the body with clearing isoflavones.


In each serving, you get 5 grams of dietary fibers derived from fibersol to help you feel satisfied for longer. Though the shake would have been better if the fiber content was more, it is still higher than some of the top shakes on the market.


The shake has useful prebiotics that will help to keep the gut environment proper. The prebiotics makes it easy for the digestive system to extract and absorb all nutrients from the food you take. You should also anticipate better health by reducing indigestion problems such as bloating.

Vitamins and minerals

The meal replacement shake provides 30% of RDI (recommended daily intake) of most vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Magnesium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, and copper among others. The vitamins work well together with amino acids to strengthen the body’s immune system.


To help the body optimize proteins uptake and use in building muscles, Visalus added Aminogen. You can, therefore, be sure of cutting weight faster, building lean muscles, and repairing damaged cells easily after workout sessions. Remember to also get a serving immediately after a workout session for faster repair of worn out muscles.

Taste and flavors of the Visalus vi-shape

Visalus vi-shape is available in diverse flavors to help users select what is ideal for them. You can go for the commonest mixed cream that users find irresistible or pick others including chocolate, strawberry, and raspberry among others. Instead of using artificial sugars, the manufacturer utilizes natural sweeteners that make the shake appealing and unique.

Visalus vi-shape hunger blockers

In their efforts, Visalus went to great length in making this shake the ideal hunger blocker at an affordable rate. They combine high protein content and fiber to make users feel full for a longer period. After every serving, you are sure of blocking hunger for up to 3 hours if you are in a standard office work. However, this time could go down in case you work in heavy menial jobs.

Visalus vi-shape price

Visalus vi-shape is among the most affordable shakes in the market today. A packet of 30 servings costs $60 which translates to $2/serving. Though this is still on the higher side, it is relatively affordable because some shakes with similar ingredients cost even double. If you want to enjoy the shake at an even lower rate, try to identify their MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) agents who will be delivering it to you. However, getting this network was never easy while following the Visalus required clients to join their monthly program of $250.

Visalus vi-shape advantages

  • Visalus vi-shape is a remarkable shake for people who want to cut on weight because it does not have sugars and fats. By replacing the breakfast or lunch, the body will revert to stored fat so that you can keep cutting weight without undertaking very heavy exercises.
  • The shake is sold affordably so that more people are sure of enjoying it without draining their bank accounts fully. However, the manufacturer could have done better by bringing the cost to about $1.5/serving which is considered the standard rate.
  • The ingredients used in the Visalus vi-shape go beyond blocking hunger to helping users to enjoy better health. They have useful probiotics that will improve the health of your gut while vitamins will help to strengthen the immune system.
  • Visalus vi-shape is one of the shakes in the market that helps to block hunger for many hours so that you can cut the extra pounds without extensive exercises.
  • Because all the ingredients are natural, the user is sure of enjoying the shake without experiencing side effects.

Visalus vi-shape cons

  • Visalus vi-shape uses soy protein that has recently attracted a lot of controversies. It has become associated with thyroid problems, brain complications, anxiety, and pregnancy complications.
  • Though the shake is ideal for people who want to cut on weight, the 90 calories per serving came out to be relatively small especially for people in heavy duty tasks. Many people end up requiring another serving after a very short time.
  • Though the idea of keeping sugar and fat at the minimum is great, experts argue that Visalus could have done better by including unsaturated fats.
  • The manufacturer’s preference for MLM comes out as a great shortcoming because very few people can follow and link with the network. They could indeed do better by making it easier for customers to access the product from Visalus website.


Visalus vi-shape is a well thought of meal replacement shake manufactured to help block hunger and supplying optimum nutrition to the body. The shake delivers a lot of proteins and vitamins that keep the body healthy and additional fibers to promote a better gut at affordable rates. Though there are a few disadvantages such as utilizing soy proteins and no sugar policy, the shake is good and worth trying for blocking hunger, cutting on weight, and building muscles.